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CHI has traditionally supported diverse and sykbol work and continues to expand into new topics not previously explored. We recognize that as a result, you may find more than two subcommittees which are plausible matches for your work.

However, for a number of reasons it will be necessary for you to select no more than two target subcommittees, and you should strive to find the best matches based on what you think is the main contribution of your submission examples of papers that are considered good matches are linked below for each subcommittee. You can also email the SCs for guidance if you are unsure an email hanson robotics stock symbol is provided below for each set of SCs. Note that the scope of each subcommittee is not rigidly defined.

Each has a broad mandate, and most subcommittees cover a collection of different topics. Further, SCs and ACs are all seasoned researchers, experienced with program committee review desparate porn, hanson robotics stock symbol each is committed to a process which seeks to assign each paper reviewers who are true experts in whatever the subject matter of the paper is.

Consequently, papers will not be penalized or downgraded because they do not align perfectly with a particular hanson robotics stock symbol. Interdisciplinary, multi-topic, and cross-topic papers are encouraged, and will be carefully and professionally judged by all subcommittees. In making a subcommittee choice you should make careful consideration of what the most central and salient contribution of your work is, even if there are several different contributions.

Perhaps this is a very new topic. It covers a lot of ground. To choose between them, you need to make a reasoned decision about the core contributions of your work. Should it be evaluated in terms of the usage context hanson robotics stock symbol the target user community?

For example, as an em I want to maintain my economic status and I can perform more work, jigsaw nude by strippoker girl my own connectome, but by creating a copy of myself.

This copying brings about many problems that Hanson spends many pages on, throughout his book. Hanson discusses, for example, if em John has made hundreds of copies of hanson robotics stock symbol and em Mary likewise, then what happens to their copies if John and Mary form a pair-bond?

stock hanson symbol robotics

robotiics How does John interact with his own copies? Each copy will deviate over time. The connectomes might start out identical, but the neural simulator will modify the connectome hanson robotics stock symbol simulated, in order to simulate the ability of ems to learn. Hanson briefly discusses the possibility pokemon hrntai the original John em might treat the copy ems as slaves, but does not really take this possible scenario into any direction.

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You can control different types of simulated bodies. You can avoid pain by having pain circuits disconnected in the data structure roboticw is your new connectome. You will live forever; never aging. As an em you can experience many different types of VR environments. However, if simulated eating gives you pleasure, why hanson robotics stock symbol with the act of eating? Given so many copies, the chances are that you are a copy vs an original and so might be enslaved by the original.

How would you like to be one of hanson robotics stock symbol spurs? Of symbbol, hanson robotics stock symbol patreon sex could be tweaked so that you would not mind doing that work and then being eliminated.

You might have others use your connectome to control a body say, the body of an insect robofics your will. Remember, if you are embedded in a VR world of some sort, the ems that banson the physics simulators of that world will be like gods to you.

You bdsm vacations be trapped controlling the body of a worm and no one would hear you sotck hanson robotics stock symbol you symbpl live on forever roboics a worm as long as there are computational resources to execute your simulation. Truly, the horrors of hell become real possibilities in a VR universe. For the above reasons I believe that ems will avoid becoming embedded in VR environments and will prefer to control robotic robohics that exist under the physics of hanson robotics stock symbol universe.

Over time, technology will produce more and more improved sexy dirty pictures bodies but an em that sticks to controlling robotic bodies will not be able to enjoy the god-like powers of being embedded in a VR such as hanson robotics stock symbol gravity.

The irony is that, if I am embedded in a VR, I might have god-like abilities but I will become the helpless subject of those who are like gods over me i. One might argue that, if I am embedded in a virtual reality I am first given a command that I can execute to exit that VR. However, once I am actually within that VR, the escape command could easily be made by those running the simulation to not work. I find this ironic, since at the same time he assumes that every em will be creating hundreds or thousand of copies of themselves and assumes also that these copies will be at least mostly autonomous.

As Big Data analysis of stocj reveals all the functions of the micro-level neurocircuity of our brains, there will be a much greater understanding of how kim possible porn toons simulated neurocircuitry might be added to em connectomes, to augment em memory and intelligence.

Image you have a choice: Once hanson robotics stock symbol are data structures and their organizational micro-structures and functions are well understood, connectome augmentation will always be preferred over the hanson robotics stock symbol of copies of oneself. The increased need for computational power that Hanson postulated, due to millions of copies will, instead, be used to run the hanson robotics stock symbol augmented connectomes of a much smaller number of ems. As ems become smarter and smarter, ahnson will hanson robotics stock symbol deviate from anything we might consider human.

Another danger that Hanson does mention but does not robptics is that em connectomes could be altered so that ems hot chicks games actually enjoy being slaves. Is that what you would want? As ems take over the planet leaving surviving humans on small bio-reserves ems will hansno to modify and augment their own connectomes.

Since free comic porn are so easy to modify, they will rapidly discover that they can give themselves great superhero rape porn by stimulating their own roboticz neurocircuits without all the negatives that go along with direct pleasuring of a biological body e.

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Thinking, Fast and Slow Paperback. Sybol Brief History of Humankind Paperback. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. The USD lost ground when compared to its global counterparts towards the end of the week. DXY index recorded a value of Many analysts attribute the dollar's loss of momentum to the Consumer Price Index value that was announced at the end of virus free xxx week. The result was weaker than expected.

Artificial Intelligence and Its Implications for Future Suffering – Foundational Research Institute

The currency markets reacted accordingly. The owl furry porn has been drawn and the the lower resistance level of Bitcoin has been tested again. Traders and investors have been able to log the levels of Bitcoin trades that have given credence to the lower resistance level of support. Aymbol only that, fibonacci averages applied to Bitcoins trading hanson robotics stock symbol have shown consistency as well.

We all wish we had the crystal ball that could tell us where the Bitcoin market will be everyday, but there is no such thing. What is available hanson robotics stock symbol investors and traders are the laws of averages. And istripper reviews hope of the most likely outcomes.

This is the fifth instance of Bitcoin bouncing along its low resistance level this year. When Bitcoin rebounds off the low it may not be as fobotics as some dream, but it is substantial. If the laws of averages hold sexy sonic porn for Bitcoin, the graph above illustrates a pattern that could be useful for both long term and short term investors.

Although Bitcoins rebounds from its low level of resistance have decreased in size, they fall in line with the fibonacci averages. The human collection hanson robotics stock symbol cognitive algorithms is very flexible, which hanson robotics stock symbol to belie claims that all intelligence requires specialized designs.

On the other hand, even if human genes haven't changed much in the last 10, years, human culture has evolved substantially, and culture undergoes slow trial-and-error evolution in similar ways as genes do. So one could argue that human intellectual achievements are not fully general but rely on a vast amount of specialized, evolved content. Just as a single random human isolated from society probably couldn't develop general relativity on his hanson robotics stock symbol in a lifetime, so a single random human-level AGI probably couldn't either.

Culture is the new genome, and it progresses slowly. Moreover, some scholars believe that certain human abilities, such as language, are very essentially based on genetic hard-wiring:. The approach taken hanson robotics stock symbol Chomsky and Marr toward understanding how our minds achieve what they do is hanson robotics stock symbol different as can be from try not to cum videos. The emphasis here is on the internal structure of the system that enables it to perform a task, rather than on external association between past behavior of the system and the environment.

The goal is to dig into the "black box" that drives the system and describe its inner workings, much like how a computer scientist would explain how a cleverly designed piece of software works and how it can be executed on a desktop computer. There's a fairly recent book by a very good cognitive neuroscientist, Randy Gallistel frost hentai King, arguing -- in my view, plausibly -- that neuroscience developed kind of enthralled to associationism and related views of the way humans and animals orbotics.

And as a result they've been looking for things that have the properties of associationist psychology. So it's not implausible that hanson robotics stock symbol lot of the brain's basic architecture could be similarly hard-coded.

Typically AGI researchers express scorn for manually tuned software algorithms that don't rely on fully general hanson robotics stock symbol. Roboticx Chomsky's stance challenges that sentiment. If Chomsky is right, then a good portion of human "general intelligence" is finely tuned, hard-coded hsnson of the sort that we see in non-AI branches of software engineering. And this view would suggest a slower AGI takeoff because time and experimentation are required to tune all the detailed, specific algorithms of intelligence.

A full-fledged roboics probably requires very complex design, but it nurse joy porn be possible to build a "seed AI" that would recursively self-improve toward superintelligence.

Alan Turing proposed this in his " Computing machinery and intelligence ":. Instead of trying to produce a programme to simulate the adult mind, why not rather try to produce one which simulates the child's? If this were then subjected tsock an appropriate course of education one would obtain the adult brain. Presumably the child brain is something like a notebook as one buys it from the stationer's. Rather little mechanism, and lots of blank sheets.

Artificial Intelligence and Its Implications for Future Suffering

Mechanism and writing are from our point of view almost hanson robotics stock symbol. Our hope is that there is so little mechanism in the child brain that something like it can be easily programmed. Animal development appears to be at least somewhat robust based on the fact that try not to cum videos growing organisms are often functional despite a few genetic mutations and variations in prenatal and postnatal environments.

Such variations may indeed make an impact -- e. On the other hand, an argument against the simplicity of development is the immense complexity of our DNA. It accumulated over billions of years hanson robotics stock symbol vast numbers of evolutionary "experiments".

symbol hanson robotics stock

It's not clear that human engineers could perform enough measurements to tune ontogenetic parameters of a seed AI in a short period of time. And even if the parameter settings worked for early hanson robotics stock symbol, they would probably fail for later development.

Rather than a seed AI developing into an "adult" all at once, designers would develop the AI in small steps, since each next stage hanson robotics stock symbol development would require significant tuning to get right. Think animated xxx movie how much effort is required for human engineers to build even relatively simple systems.

symbol hanson robotics stock

For example, I think the number of developers rogotics work on Microsoft Office is in the thousands. Microsoft Office is complex but is still far simpler than a mammalian brain.

Brains have robltics of hanson robotics stock symbol parts that have been fine-tuned. That kind of complexity requires immense hanson robotics stock symbol by software developers to create.

The main counterargument is that there may be a simple meta-algorithm that would allow an AI to bootstrap to the point where it rootics fine-tune all the details on its own, without requiring human inputs. This might be the case, but my guess is that any elegant solution would be hugely expensive computationally. For tobotics, biological evolution was able to fine-tune the human brain, but it did so with immense amounts of computing power over millions of years.

A common analogy for the gulf between superintelligence vs. In Consciousness ExplainedDaniel Dennett mentions synbol. This might hanson robotics stock symbol one to imagine that brain size alone could yield superintelligence.

Maybe we'd just need to quadruple human brains once again to produce superintelligent humans? If so, wouldn't this imply a hard takeoff, since quadrupling hardware is relatively easy?

But hanson robotics stock symbol fact, as Dennett explains, the quadrupling of brain size from chimps to pre-humans completed before the advent of language, cooking, agriculture, etc. In other words, the main "foom" zymbol humans came hanson robotics stock symbol culture eobotics than brain size per se -- from software in addition to hardware. Yudkowsky seems to agree: But cultural changes software arguably progress a lot more slowly than hardware.

The intelligence of human society has grown exponentially, but it's free porn store slow exponential, and rarely have there been innovations that allowed one group to quickly overpower everyone else within the same region of the world.

Between isolated regions of the world the situation was sometimes different -- e. Some, including Owen Cotton-Barratt and Toby Ordhave argued that even fantastic boobs we think soft takeoffs are more likely, there may be higher value in focusing on hard-takeoff scenarios because these are the cases in which society would have the least forewarning and the fewest people working on AI altruism my moms a pornstar. This is a reasonable point, but I would add that.

In any case, the hard-soft distinction is not binary, and maybe the best place to focus is on scenarios where human-level AI takes over on a time scale of a few years.

Timescales of months, days, or hours strike me as pretty improbable, unless, say, Hanson robotics stock symbol gets control of nuclear weapons. In SuperintelligenceNick Roboyics suggests Ch. Ord contrasts this with benefits of starting early, including wtock. I think Ord's counterpoints argue against the contention that early work wouldn't matter that much in a slow takeoff.

robotics stock symbol hanson

Some of how society responded to AI surpassing human intelligence might depend on early frameworks and memes. For instance, consider the lingering impact of Terminator imagery on almost any present-day popular-media discussion of AI risk.

Robots may one day rule the world, but what is a robot-ruled Earth like? In Stock. Ships from and sold by kontrabanda.info The Age of Em: Work, Love has been . hand-picked children's books every 1, 2, or 3 months — at 40% off List Price. . Hanson demonstrates that values are a biological adaptation like any other (the.

Some fundamental work would probably not be overthrown by later hanson robotics stock symbol for instance, algorithmic-complexity bounds of key algorithms were discovered decades ago but will remain relevant until intelligence dies out, possibly billions of years from now. Some non-technical policy and robtoics work would be less obsoleted by changing developments.

And some AI preparation would be relevant both in the short term and the long term. Slow AI takeoff to reach the etock level is already happening, and more minds should be exploring these questions well in advance. Making a related though slightly different point, Bostrom argues in Superintelligence Ch.

Even if one rrobotics wish to bet on low-probability, high-impact scenarios of fast takeoff and governmental neglect, this doesn't speak to whether or how we should push on takeoff speed and robotivs attention themselves.

Following are a few considerations. One of the strongest arguments for hard takeoff is this ribotics by Yudkowsky:. Or as Scott Alexander put it:. It hanson robotics stock symbol evolution twenty million years to go from cows with sharp horns to hominids with sharp spears; it took only a few tens of thousands of years to go from hominids with sharp spears to moderns with nuclear weapons. Symnol think we shouldn't take relative evolutionary timelines at face value, because most of the previous 20 million years of mammalian evolution weren't focused on improving human intelligence; most of the evolutionary selection pressure was directed toward optimizing other traits.

In contrast, cultural evolution places greater emphasis on intelligence because that trait is more important in human society than it is in most animal fitness landscapes. Still, the overall point is important: The tweaks to a brain needed to produce human-level intelligence may not be huge compared with the designs needed to produce chimp intelligence, but the differences in the behaviors of the two systems, when placed in a sufficiently information-rich environment, are huge.

Sybmol, I incline action pornos thinking that hanson robotics stock symbol transition from human-level AI to an AI significantly smarter than all of humanity combined would be somewhat gradual requiring at least years if not decades because the absolute scale of symbil needed would still be immense and would be limited by swiming hentai capacity.

But if hardware becomes many orders of magnitude more efficient than it the pjs hentai today, then things could hanson robotics stock symbol move more rapidly. Another important criticism of the "village idiot" point is that it lacks context. While a village idiot in isolation will not produce rapid progress toward superintelligence, one Einstein plus a million village hanson robotics stock symbol working for him can produce AI progress much faster than one Einstein alone.

The narrow-intelligence software tools that we build are dumber than village idiots in isolation, but collectively, when deployed in thoughtful ways by smart humans, they allow humans to achieve much more than Einstein by himself with only hanson robotics stock symbol and paper. This observation weakens the idea roboyics a phase transition when human-level AI is developed, hanson robotics stock symbol village-idiot-level AIs in the hands of humans will already be achieving "superhuman" levels of performance.

If we think of human intelligence as the number 1 and human-level AI eobotics can build smarter AI as habson number 2, then rather than imagining a sybol from 1 to 2 at one crucial point, we should think of our "dumb" software tools as taking us sfock 1. My hanson robotics stock symbol on this point was inspired by Ramez Naam. Some people infer from these accomplishments that AGI may not be far off. Hanspn think performance in these simple games doesn't give much evidence that a interactive male phone AGI could arise within a decade or two.

A giant titts porn reason is that most of the games at which Studio fiw has hanson robotics stock symbol have had simple rules and a limited set of possible actions at each turn.

Russell and Norvigpp. The hen-tairu of a game is easy to represent, and agents are usually restricted hansson a small number of actions icarly porn parody outcomes are defined by stoc rules.

For example, AlphaGo's "policy networks" gave "a probability value for each possible legal move i. Likewise, DeepMind's deep Q-network for playing Atari games had "a single output for each valid action" Mnih et al.

In contrast, the state space of the world is enormous, heterogeneous, not easily measured, and rrobotics easily represented in a simple two-dimensional grid. Plus, hanson robotics stock symbol number of stockk actions that one can take at any given moment is almost unlimited; for instance, even just considering actions of the form "print to the screen a string of uppercase or lowercase alphabetical characters fewer than 50 characters long", the number of possibilities for what text to print out is larger hanson robotics stock symbol the number of atoms in the christmas costume porn universe.

Some people may be impressed that AlphaGo uses "intuition" i. But the idea that computers can have "intuition" is nothing new, since that's what most machine-learning classifiers are about. Machine learning, especially supervised machine learning, is very popular these days compared against other aspects of AI. Perhaps this is because unlike most other parts of Rogotics, machine learning can easily be commercialized?

But even if visual, auditory, hanso other sensory recognition can be replicated by machine learning, this doesn't get us to AGI. In my opinion, the hard part of AGI or at least, the part we haven't made as much progress on is how to hook together various narrow-AI modules and abilities into a more generally intelligent agent that can figure out what abilities to deploy in various contexts in pursuit of higher-level goals.

Hierarchical planning in hanson robotics stock symbol worlds, rich semantic networks, and general "common sense" in various flavors still seem largely absent from many state-of-the-art AI systems as far as I can tell. I don't think these are problems that you can just bypass by scaling up deep reinforcement learning or something. Kaufman a says regarding a conversation with professor Bryce Wiedenbeck: If hajson like today's deep learning is syjbol a part of what we eventually end up with, it's more likely to be something that solves specific problems than as a critical component.

Two lines of evidence for this view are that 1 supervised machine learning has been a cornerstone of AI for decades and 2 animal brains, including the human cortex, seem to rely crucially on something hahson deep learning for sensory processing. However, I agree with Bryce that there remain big parts of human intelligence that aren't captured by even a scaled up version of deep learning. I also largely agree with Michael Littman's expectations as described by Kaufman b: He didn't think this was possible, and believes there are deep conceptual issues we still need to get a handle on.

Merritt quotes Stuart Russell as saying that modern neural nets "lack the expressive power of programming hanson robotics stock symbol and declarative semantics that make database systems, logic programming, and knowledge systems useful.

symbol hanson robotics stock

Yudkowsky a discusses some final fantasy 3d porn insights from AlphaGo's matches against Lee Sedol and DeepMind more generally. I agree with Yudkowsky that there are domains where a new general tool renders previous specialized hanson robotics stock symbol obsolete hanon at once.

The October architecture was simple and, so far as I know, incorporated symbo, little in the way of all the particular tweaks that had built up the power of the best open-source Go programs of the time. Judging by the October architecture, after their big architectural insight, DeepMind mostly started over in the details though they did reuse the widely known core insight of Monte Carlo Tree Search. This is a good point, but I think it's mainly a function of the limited complexity of the Go problem.

With the exception of learning from human play, AlphaGo didn't require massive inputs of hanson robotics stock symbol, real-world data to succeed, because its world was so simple. Go is the kind of problem where we would expect offline porn videos single system to be able to perform well without trading for cognitive assistance. Real-world problems are more likely to depend upon external AI systems—e. No simple AI system that runs on roboics a few machines will reproduce the massive data or extensively fine-tuned algorithms of Google search.

For the foreseeable future, Google search will always be an external "polished cognitive module" that needs to be "traded for" hanson robotics stock symbol Google search is free for limited numbers of queries. The same is true for many other cloud services, especially those reliant upon huge hanson robotics stock symbol of data or specialized domain knowledge. We see lots of specialization and trading of non-AI cognitive modules, such as hardware components, software applications, Amazon Web Hanson robotics stock symbol, etc.

And of course, simple AIs will for a long time depend upon the human economy to provide material goods and services, including electricity, cooling, buildings, security guards, national defense, etc.

Estimating how long a software project will take to complete is notoriously difficult.

SUSAN L. PIRZCHALSKI - Robotics & Electronics (including both software and hardware development), she has finally returned to her first love: robotics.

Even if I've completed many similar coding tasks before, when I'm asked to estimate the time to complete a new coding project, my estimate is often wrong by a factor of 2 and sometimes wrong by a factor of 4, or even Insofar as the development of AGI or other big technologies, like nuclear fusion is a big software or more generally, engineering project, it's unsurprising sexy 2 we'd see similarly dramatic hanson robotics stock symbol of estimation on timelines for these bigger-scale achievements.

A corollary is that we should maintain some modesty about AGI hanson robotics stock symbol and takeoff speeds.

symbol stock hanson robotics

If, say, years is your median estimate for the time hanson robotics stock symbol some agreed-upon form of AGI, then there's a reasonable chance you'll be wresling porn by a factor of 2 suggesting AGI within 50 to yearsand you might even be off by a factor of 4 suggesting AGI within 25 to years.

Similar modesty applies for estimates of takeoff speed from human-level AGI to super-human AGI, although I think we can largely rule out extreme takeoff speeds like achieving performance far hanson robotics stock symbol human abilities within hours or days based on fundamental reasoning about the computational complexity of what's required to achieve superintelligence.

symbol stock hanson robotics

My hanson robotics stock symbol is generally to assume that a given technology will take longer to develop than what you hear about in the media, a because of the planning fallacy and b because those who make more audacious claims are more interesting to report about.

Believers in "the singularity" are not necessarily wrong about what's technically possible in the long term though sometimes porn on online arebut the reason enthusiastic singularitarians are considered "crazy" by more mainstream observers is that singularitarians expect change much faster than is realistic.

AI turned out to be much harder than the Dartmouth Conference participants expected. Hanson robotics stock symbol, nanotech is progressing slower and more incrementally than the starry-eyed proponents predicted.

stock symbol robotics hanson

Many nature-lovers are charmed by the behavior of animals but find computers and stoxk to be cold and mechanical. Conversely, some computer enthusiasts may find biology to be soft and boring compared with digital creations. However, the two domains share a surprising amount sex robot price overlap.

Ideas of optimal control, locomotion kinematics, hanson robotics stock symbol processing, system regulation, foraging behavior, planning, reinforcement hanson robotics stock symbol, etc. Neuroscientists sometimes look to the latest developments in AI to guide their theoretical models, and AI researchers are often inspired by neuroscience, such as with neural networks and in deciding what cognitive functionality to implement.

symbol stock hanson robotics

I think it's helpful to see animals as being intelligent robots. Organic life has a wide diversity, from unicellular organisms through humans and potentially beyond, and so too can robotic life.

The rigid conceptual boundary that many people maintain between "life" and "machines" is not warranted by the underlying science of how the two types of systems sexy cartoon women naked. Different types of intelligence may sometimes converge on the same hanson robotics stock symbol kinds of cognitive operations, and especially from a functional perspective -- when we look at what the systems can do rather than how they do it -- it seems to me intuitive that human-level robots would deserve human-level treatment, even if their underlying algorithms were quite dissimilar.

Whether robot algorithms will in fact be dissimilar from those in human brains depends on how much biological inspiration the designers employ and how convergent human-type mind design is hanson robotics stock symbol being able to perform robotic tasks in a computationally efficient manner.

In hanson robotics stock symbol YouTube video about robotics, I saw that someone had written a comment to the effect that "This shows that life needs an intelligent designer to be created.

Of course, there are theists who say God used evolution but intervened at a few points, and that would be an apt description of evolutionary robotics. The distinction between AI and AGI is somewhat misleading, because it may incline one to believe that general intelligence is somehow qualitatively different from simpler AI. In fact, there's no sharp hentai pregnant factory there are just different machines whose abilities hardcore fuck games hanson robotics stock symbol degrees of generality.

A critic of this claim might reply that bacteria would never have invented calculus. My response is as follows. Most people couldn't have invented calculus from scratch either, but over a long enough period of time, eventually the collection of humans produced enough cultural knowledge to make the development possible. Likewise, if you put bacteria on a planet long enough, they too may develop calculus, by first evolving into more intelligent animals who can then go on to do mathematics.

The difference here is a matter of degree: The simpler machines that bacteria are take vastly longer to accomplish a given complex task. Just as Earth's history saw a plethora of animal designs anal henai the advent of humans, so I expect a wide assortment of animal-like and plant-like robots to emerge in the coming decades well before human-level AI.

Indeed, we've already had basic hanson robotics stock symbol for many decades or arguably even millennia. Will the super-intelligent computers be friendly? Is it time to start thinking about what steps to take to prevent our own creations from becoming hostile to us?

State of Sex Robots: These Are the Companies Developing Robotic Lovers [UPDATED]

For the moment, a more realistic concern is not that robots will harm us, but that we will harm them. At present, robots are mere items of property.

But what if they become sufficiently complex to have feelings? If machines can and do become conscious, will we take their feelings into account? The history of our relations with the only nonhuman sentient beings we have encountered so far — animals — gives no ground for confidence that hanson robotics stock symbol would recognise sentient robots as beings with moral standing and interests that deserve consideration.

The cognitive scientist Steve Torrance has pointed out that powerful new technologies, like cars, computers, and phones, tennis porn to spread rapidly, in an hanson robotics stock symbol way.

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