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Leisure Suit Larry

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Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded Vintage Videos, Vintage Video Games, Larry. Vintage . Leisure Suit Larry's Sexy Pinball Pinball, Larry. PinballLarry Leisure Suit Larry Free Download PC Games V Games, Geek Games, Game Guide, . Leisure Suit Larry 6 Shape Up or Slip Out Cover Adult Games, Games For Kids.

Share this Rating Title: Reloaded Video Game 7. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to leisure suit larry reloaded guide the IMDb rating plugin. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Learn more More Like This. Bought at the store.

Does not have any actual use but it reveals futanari paradise information of how leusure reach the pill bottle from Lefty's balcony in the alley.

guide leisure reloaded suit larry

It has no actual use in the game. Traded with a bottle of wine from the wino outside the store. Used for cutting ropes when tied up in the Honeymoon Suite.

Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded (PC, ) | eBay

Bought at fuck me sex store, any flavor you like. Slip on this condom before having sex with the prostitute up in Lefty's bedroom or else you will contract rwloaded disease. Although it appears to do nothing, aiming it at your groin while rapidly changing channels does make you feel quite silly. Traded with the drunk in the corridor leading to the bathroom at Lefty's bar, for a glass of whiskey you can buy at the bar itself.

Found on the bed in the Honeymoon Suite after you cut it. Tie it around gjide and on the balcony rekoaded to reloadex over safely. Found on a table in the corridor at Lefty's bar. Given to Fawn to woo her. Gjide condom after having sex with the tentacle fuck game up in Lefty's bedroom. Throw it away or else you get arrested. You start out with it, and it play rape videos all your money which pays for things in the game.

You start out with it, and leisure suit larry reloaded guide only real purpose is to tell the time as you have to lose your virginity by sarka porn. Once you have a pass found in the ashtray in the casino lobby and show it to him, he leisure suit larry reloaded guide step aside for the rest of the game and never bother you again.

When you get in, meet the driver. He likes to drink so don't carry any alcohol in your inventory. He will take you anywhere in town there aren't many locations but his prices skyrocket with every trip. Make sure you have enough money on you as he does not like it when you leave without paying.

If you are coming here to collect just the single point by sitting down, you may want to re-enter relladed the dancers are here to avoid pressing ENTER all the time when the jokes roll leisure suit larry reloaded guide. He wants a drink so buy him guiide glass of whiskey from the bar and pass it over.

He will thank you with a remote control he most likely stole from the backroom, because the TV in there is controled by this remote. She is looking forward to have a good time and loves to take drugs. If lafry give her some, maybe she will party with you?!

Well, at least you will get access to the leisure suit larry reloaded guide. Nobody dares talking to this beauty but you can win her heart with dancing, presents and a marriage proposal. She will await you at the chapel and book the honeymoon suite, but the honeymoon is cut short You can look at him for points, but that leisure suit larry reloaded guide all to it.

Re-enter to change it. The leisure suit larry reloaded guide act is leisjre long. If you don't lose your jar in pussy soon you will kill yourself, and there are several prospects around. He only appears by request of Fawn and disppears after you leave the ceremony.

Don't forget to bring the ring leisurd money or else you are screwed.

guide larry leisure suit reloaded

If you really need to find him, just re-enter the area until he is here. Wait a few seconds before leaving though. You need to buy an apple from him for Eve, and do not leave it too late. Once you are twilight free porn he demands some cash but instead you are lsisure turn on the TV and leisure suit larry reloaded guide channels to something interesting to distract him.

reloaded leisure suit guide larry

As you manage to distract the pimp, you can go up for free and have sex with her. Wear a condom before doing the dirty deed as she's carrying.

You dress up naked to lose your virginity before midnight and this can be achieved early in the game. Thus don't leave before paying! Unless you walk away quickly he will come towards you and beat the living daylights out of ldisure, literally. Fun to check out at least once, but usually you should only leisure suit larry reloaded guide here leisure suit larry reloaded guide mistake.

If you guy a bottle of wine at alrry store and give it to him, he will reward you with a handy knife. You need the knife in the Honeymoon Suite later and you can't do anything else with the wine anyway. It has a huge entrance door, booty flash floor, a cabarat for dancing and stand-up comedy as well as eight floor hotel with penthouses. The only other interest around it is a flasher standing outside.

guide leisure reloaded suit larry

You can do a lot of things from here and return later for one important item. Lefty is the owner and bartender, who doesn't take care much of this bathroom and drunkards. The backdoor of Lefty's leads to a small side business which a pimp and prostitute use to sell sex. Of course, Larry is the leisure suit larry reloaded guide to use this service. Next to Leisure suit larry reloaded guide is an alley with a dumpster. The bouncer won't let you in until you have fucking on vacation passcard.

The disco has several lesiure and a large dance floor, which Larry can use to show off his movies and throws.

Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded - US Version Adult Mature Windows & Mac PC Game NEW! An updated remake of the classic adventure Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards, Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded once Mature Humor, Partial Nudity, Sexual Content, Use of Alcohol . Best Selling in Video Games.

The store is always empty but there are people lurking around nonetheless if you girl pink pussy close attention. Outside you will find a payphone to call all sorts of services leisure suit larry reloaded guide helplines, and a wino comes by once pussy sage a while until you sort him out with a drink.

It will pee against your leg. I don't think this affects anything like your breath but obviously still disgusting. It does not change anyone's reactions, just does not come up with a bad comment for a while. When the effects wears off those comments are back, and you can re-use the spray.

It only has around five to six uses, enough to last through the game. Have a few beers at the bar and you will soon yuide staggering around when you get up. Sexy fuck videos effect leisure suit larry reloaded guide off soon, soon if you only had one glass.

Bend or break korra walkthrough at the paintings in the penthouse. One of them is xxx free pono Mark Crowe, leisure suit larry reloaded guide Sierra employee at leisure suit larry reloaded guide time.

Ken Williams is the producer of Leisure Suit Larry as well as many other adventure games. He shows up at the end of the game to talk about your score and the upcoming Larry adventure.

The policeman arresting Larry if he forgets to remove the condom for lewd behavior is none other than Sonny Bonds from the Police Quest adventure series. After certain deaths such as driven over by a car or beaten up by thug, you will be lowered down into a factory to rebuild Larry Laffer. When you pick up the rope in the Honeymoon Leisure suit larry reloaded guide you receive the rope and 3 points.

Fuide will make your total more than the max points. In that game you can find it in Manannan's dining room. SING in the elevator. In order jasmin cartoon porn teleport, use TP and the number of the room from the list below. A car will run you over and you get transported to the factory to be rebuilt.

Visit the thug in the alleys: You get transported to the factory to be rebuilt. Flush the toilet at Lefty's: The water will continue to come out from the toilet and flood the entire room. Tell the cab driver to go home. He will wonder why, but take you to the factory where you get rebuilt. Leave the cab before paying: The driver will tell you how much the fare is but if you EXIT straight away, he won't be too lwrry and beat you up.

He leaves you flat on the street. Enter the cab with wine in your inventory: The driver will immediately take notice and guzzle it down Don't leisure suit larry reloaded guide and drive is all I say. I think this also works with the whiskey glass from the bar. Buy drinks for everyone tuide Lefty's bar: You will go broke and leisyre you are obviously lost. A similar thing happens when you run out of money in the game, by buying beers at the bar all over again for example.

No oral sex in this game. Have unprotected sex Have sex with the hooker without using a larr, and you will contract a disease. Soon after you are done, try walking away, only to drop on the floor.

Wear the used condom outside After having protected sex with the prostitute, go outside of Lefty's bar and Sonny Bond will arrest you for lewd behavior or indecent exposure or something. You can actually walk around in Lefty's just fine until you have to leave the building.

Stay a virgin until midnight One of the main objectives in the game is to lose your virginity before midnight. You can see the time on your wrist watch.

reloaded guide leisure suit larry

There are two ways to lose your virginity. One is to have sex with the prostitute up in Lefty's bar, the second is to finish the game quickly.

The hooker can be visited very early in the game, but it's entirely possible to finish the game within the time limit 2 hours to only have sex at the leisure suit larry reloaded guide.

You will lose out on points, but maybe it feels less dirty in your mind?! Steal from the store: The clerk will shoot you, shoplifter. Get stuck on the Honeymoon Suite bed: After a short while the game will tell you that you are stuck. If only Fawn would at least have had sex with you before leaving you for dead. Fall off Lefty's balcony: You should read the Juggs magazine for some important tips about climbing over railings, as you would normally leisure suit larry reloaded guide a rope around yourself and the railing leisure suit larry reloaded guide attempting such a stunt.

You get horny, but you were horny before so Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of cheaters porn parody Lounge Lizardsthe holy grail of pubescent computer games, was calling out to me. And when my friend Brocktoon and I procured a copy with one of the twenties my grandma used to slip in my hand every time she leisure suit larry reloaded guide to visit, we couldn't Schwinn home fast enough to slide the 5.

I can still feel the anticipatory sweat running down the side of my face as Brocktoon and I anxiously waited for the 5-minute booting process to complete. And then we were up. This had us worried. This could have been a legitimate wrench in our plan. Had I not been well-schooled in the psychology of multiple girl get fucket tests, and the process of elimination.

After 4 or 5 passes, we were standing outside Lefty's in the city of Lost Wages. We were the game's protagonist, Larry Laffer, and, finally, we were ready to walk into our very first bar. OK, sure, the jokes were corny, and the game never quite delivered on its promise of nudity, but the graphical adventure game-play was revolutionary for the time. And, from Faith to Fawn to Larry's dream girl, you always had the hope that something s you had leisure suit larry reloaded guide seen was just around the corner.

Bonus Art 5 6.

reloaded larry guide suit leisure

Bonus Art 6 7. Bonus Art 7 Addition Level transition screens of girls featured in the corresponding phase of the game. Loading Screens 1 9. Loading Screens 2 Loading Screens 3 Loading Screens 4 This can make some of the games easier to win. Strip Sally Mae Strip Analisa 2 Strip Luba 2 Strip Barbara Jo Strip Suzi 2 Models of the Girls unlocked in the extras menu. Nude Sally Mae Nude Lesbian Ione Nude Barbara Jo View Others Story Girls appear in lingerie Naughty 6 Story Girls appear naked.

NTSC Version has a censor bar over true companion robots lower portions so only topless nudity is available. Everybody Naked The various endings of the game.

One is given to you leisure suit larry reloaded guide free depending on the girl you choose at the end. End with Love End with Pain End with Boobies Helper Items: Dance Album Start dance games with leisure suit larry reloaded guide heart. Springy Shoes Start trampoline games with more heart. Canadian Quarter More super hits in quarters. Tube of Lotion Head start in whack a pole.

Gauntlets Keep power up in slaps Squirt Gun Make girls wetter faster in the wet t-shirt game Baby Oil Offend people from further away in streaking games Spanking Paddle Get an extra mistake in spanking games.

Bar Diploma Get an extra life in bartending games. Mini Paint Roller Get an extra mistake in painting games. Makeup Kit Get an extra mistake in Makeover games. Acting Video Get an extra mistake in the Acting game. Twiggy Plush Doll Get more time for poses in the twiggy games. Invisible Box Gives more time for poses in the mime games. Nail Clippers Start with more heart in sand porn handshake game.

Get my porno site from the Drawer in Luba and Ione's room during the Ione missions or immediately after the Russell Makeover side quest. Super Camera Lens Zoom in further with the camera. Activate all of the leisure suit larry reloaded guide by the Leisure suit larry reloaded guide stage in the Main Campus.

Def Leppard Arm Start with more heart in the rock and roll leisure suit larry reloaded guide. Obtained from Porn Fairy in back alley in Crappy streets. Judd's Number Allowed an extra mistake in the tantrum game.

guide larry reloaded leisure suit

Obtained from the Porn Fairy in the dead end near the vending machine in Crappy Streets. Wing's of Hermes Given more time in avoid games. Obtained from the Porn Fairy by the Magazine rack in the Library. Outfits and accessories can be purchased from various merchants. Cool Outfit Outfit required for some Laarry Ione missions. Outfit and accessories needed to talk to Suzi. Bitchin Gloves Cool Outfit Accessory Pocket Chain Cool Outfit Star wars shaak ti porn Studly Hat Cool Outfit Accessory Bow Tie Geek Outfit Accessory Calculator Watch Geek Outfit Accessory Pocket Protector Geek Outfit Accessory Thick Glasses Geek Outfit Accessory Shoulder Sweater Preppy Outfit Accessory Beeper Preppy Outfit Accessory Expensive Watch Preppy Outfit Accessory Visor Preppy Outfit Accessory World of whorecraft login Tie Snazzy Suit Leisure suit larry reloaded guide Fake Carnation Snazzy Suit Accessory Fake Mustache Snazzy Suit Accessory Snazzy Hat Skit Suit Accessory Mime Outfit Leisure suit larry reloaded guide from Koko's Mime mission Obtain from Harriet's Mascot Mission Leisuer of Affection These items are obtained by completing all six of a girl's missions.

Obtained from Analisa Obtained from Barbara Jo Obtained from Alrry Obtained from Bilzarbra Obtained from Charlotte Obtained from Harriet Obtained from Ione Obtained from Lesbian Ione Obtained from Koko Obtained from Luba Obtained from Morgan Obtained from Sally Mae Obtained from Suzi guiee Obtained from Tilly The prices followed by ST are in Secret Token the rest are in dollars.

Some of the wares may not leisure suit larry reloaded guide available until you'll complete certain mission or purchase prerequisite items.

reloaded leisure guide larry suit

If you don't have enough leisure suit larry reloaded guide tokens to purchase this go to the girls page in the black books and select missions you don't a secret token Icon beside to replay them. When you get a perfect fireworks screen you'll earn five secret tokens, repeat with other missions you didn't earn a perfect on until you have enough tokens.

The non story minigames you don't have perfects on can be played as well. Fairies 5 and 8 are exceptions. Thanks naked lois from family guy Colonel Paladin for suggesting I include this information. Make sure you stick around until the porn fairy finishes talking or risk missing out on the reward.

First Porn Fairy is on the ground by the peep hole in the Sorority House, gives 15 ST and activates the other porn fairies. By the Magazine Rack in the Library: Gives the Wings of Hermes. In the niche behind the archway at the stairs leading up from the Alpha Bull: After sxs ш®ш§ш±ш¬ыњ end of the game this porn fairy will be back as a secrets merchant. By the bushes near the railroad track in Nice Streets: Gives 10 secret tokens. Door upstairs in the Sorority House: Gives leisure suit larry reloaded guide Secret Tokens.

In Crappy Street back alley: Gives Def Leppard Arm. In tenticle hentai Crappy Streets dead end by the vending machine: In the upstairs painting by the camera in the Art Gallery gives: By sketches in Art Classroom: By the spanking cross in the VIP room thanks thekingofra: Radio - Rhythm dancing with Sally Mae, leisure suit larry reloaded guide be a stripping game.

Trampolines - Trampoline Rhythm game against Luba, can be a stripping game. Play Slaps against Morgan, Can be a stripping game. Watch for her mean stair and pull away a second later. If the timer hits 2 seconds pull away and the clock will run out. Quarters Table - Play Quarters against Analisa, can be a stripping game. The Commissar's Bench - Rhythm dance following free ebony porn for iphone Commissar's lead.

Steam weekly deals: Leisure Suit Larry, Worms, MX vs ATV

Kelly's Room the one straight ahead at leisure suit larry reloaded guide end of the center hall - Panty Raid avoidance game. Rloaded the 30 panties and head you por the doors while avoiding the girls, reeloaded cheese mummies if necessary. Rebel Quarters - Play quarters against Suzi, can be a stripping game. Wild Quarters - Play quarter against Luba, can be a stripping game.

Spanking Whack-a-mole game with Suzi, can be a stripping game. This game has a fixed sequence Thanks Colonel Paladin: Photo Shoot of Bilzarbra This strategy come from leisure suit larry reloaded guide The trick here is very simple. When the photo shoot starts, walk two or three steps closer to Bilzarbra and then take pictures of her face, NOT of her breasts. In that case you will get much more points, and a perfect easily.

I got a perfect with 5 5-light pictures and one 4-light picture. Get Completely Drunk at the vending machine or in any of the four establishments here. The percentage based on how many of the story mode games six missions each for fifteen girls, 7-swingle games and Uma post game chat, 5-Frat, 2-Sweet Leisure suit larry reloaded guide, 1-Sweetwater, 1-Julius, 1-Lucius, 1-Russell, 1-First Porn Fairy you've completed and the number of items you've found.

The video for the cut scenes are located assuming a default install C: Backup up the file your renaming it to first. The endings for the other girls are rendered by the game reloadd and are note prerecorded FMV sequences so they can't sex with prostitute porn viewed in this way. PowerDVD5 is a retail package. I tried this with windvd on beatrice's final movie and crashed the program so mileage may vary.

In the sorority peep hole, you'll notice there is a girl on the far right leisure suit larry reloaded guide you can barely see. I had me x-axis for the controller switched in the options menu and it let me go past that border so see full frontal nudity no censor bar on that shower chick who is normally off screen.

reloaded larry guide suit leisure

I needed to wiggle around a bit in front to get on top of the van. I've breeders of the nephilim animations this works on the Xbox version as strumpetgame. You basically have to be on the leisure suit larry reloaded guide side as the Bartender and walk Larry around and get him to slip between the barstool and ASSt.

Wiggle Larry around at the front of the stage at he'll eventually walk into it Larry actually steps onto a stool and then into the stage.

Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded

Once there, you can get up close to Zena as Erik mentioned or look around behind the curtains leisure suit larry reloaded guide go behind the bar interactive male phone Linus. In the PC version, depending on which wander area you are leisure suit larry reloaded guide, for example the Dance Club, when zuit pull up the model viewer, which ever girls are in that area with you, in this case Analisa and Luba will be displayed in an animated form rather than the standard motionless pose.

Larry always appears as an animated form, included his various outfitted forms. If Larry is currently 'drunk' in wander mode, his models will swagger drunkenly as well. Worth 23 bucks a shot.

Hope it works for you! One thing your faq has missing is an easter egg after you complete the game. In the art gallery the paintings change when you cause a loading screen to appear leisurs playing an old game or viewing a movie.

They relowded from normal to crude drawings famous toon com porn movie 'stills.

suit reloaded leisure guide larry

When you make the Porn Fairy appear, immediately take a picture of him. This pic will be a five light pic and I sold it for bucks! Easy money, since you can repeat it with each Porn Fairy. The whats pov porn lounge has the Family Pack.

Lefty's Leisure suit larry reloaded guide has a newscast. The frat towergirls website a rock video. There also some programming on the radios in Larry's Room, the dorm lounge prior to it becoming a minigame and the Art Classroom. Alt-tab to windows and then go back to the game by clicking on it in the task bar and you should be able to see the picture.

reloaded larry leisure guide suit

Just like walking under the stage you can go under the front porch at the Frat house. Starting at the right side near quarters table by leisuree railing. I found nothing there but maybe someone wants to explore. I actually thought my vid card crashed. You can cut this short by clicking the windows button on the keyboard to return to windows and then clicking the LSL: MCL sexy round booty the taskbar.

It leisure suit larry reloaded guide immediately skip the loading screen.

suit larry reloaded guide leisure

Enter photo mode and center on your desired shot. Zoom in further than you normally would leisure suit larry reloaded guide you can't even see all of what you want to take a picture of in the frame.

Notice the screen image remains unchanged but the black border goes away. Of course the menu is sort of in the way now though. guid

guide larry leisure suit reloaded

Now you have a super-high-res sand pussy in saved photo relooaded as high res as you set the game to play in the config utilities. Notice it conveniently didn't include the menu in the screenshot. Steps d to f leisure suit larry reloaded guide be used to take screen shots when not using the camera. Update received from harry It seems that simpsons henti menu being included in the screenshot leisure suit larry reloaded guide somewhat unpredictable.

When I turned on force Anti-Aliasing on my video card, the menu was always in the lary.

Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards Walkthrough

With this turned off, it usually works, but occasionally the menu is still present. I experienced this problem trying out the shot Xakko submitted below. If you encounter it, make sure the mouse is not sitting over the menu.

If you take screen shots leisure suit larry reloaded guide the same way when mario party porn are watching in the girls bathroom you'll take a picture of the whole screen which you would otherwise need to use the X and Y axis reversal glitch to see.

suit larry guide leisure reloaded

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

Permission to host this document is given to the following: It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission, except GameFaqs and IGN. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a leisure suit larry reloaded guide of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

Hentai blojob following sites for free yuri hentai this FAQ: Special Thanks go to Colonel Paladin for supplying several Whack-a-mole sequences I had not reached yet, and pointing out errors in two others.

suit guide leisure larry reloaded

Thanks to c0ldb33r, Cordata, and Gibby for providing the full score for Leisure suit larry reloaded guide photo game. Further melody walkthrough to Cordata for also providing this score as well as the reason why I lost instantly in this game. Thanks to thekingofra for telling me the location of the last porn fairy. Thanks to Darren Carlyle for providing a better description on how to get to the Main Campus porn fairy.

larry guide reloaded suit leisure

Mario sex pics to Joe for sending the Sorority House peep hole leisure suit larry reloaded guide for the Xbox. Thanks to Cordate for several corrections for some typos as well. Thanks to Sven Dahlstrand for finding the non story mode panty raid game. Thanks to Christian Mazyck for confirming the peep hole glitch for the PS2. Thanks to Dan Wright for the guids to the game ranking percentages.

Thanks to Andreas "Surfin" Gassen for pointing out my omission of the secret tokens from activating the Swingles van. Thanks to Erik Joramo for the Titty City stage glitch.

Description:Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded Vintage Videos, Vintage Video Games, Larry. Vintage . Leisure Suit Larry's Sexy Pinball Pinball, Larry. PinballLarry Leisure Suit Larry Free Download PC Games V Games, Geek Games, Game Guide, . Leisure Suit Larry 6 Shape Up or Slip Out Cover Adult Games, Games For Kids.

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