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Sep 14, - Learn more about the adult games with serious backing here. Read on to learn more about the world of adult games, the platform for publishing these games, and a list of Furthermore, nothing about it was remotely sexy.

An Open Letter to Patreon of adult on list patreon games

We must listen not just to creators trained in classic mediums, art school graduates, those fluent in theory and all the other ways that adult content is made palatable to the cultured class, we also must listen to and represent those who simply make porn.

Who want to be creative with their porn, yes, but most importantly want to gammes self directed. Your platform has given these people a light. hot horny boys

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We know people who now employ hentai pop queer performers, workers, subcontractors — all working to make beautiful content.

And while we understand the desire to police illegal content off the platform and support it!

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Who is it, at Patreon or anywhere, who decides what is art? When is there too much porn, not enough aesthetics? And it makes content creators live in fear of that discrimination, itself leading black magic hentai self censorship of important viewpoints.

We ask you to end this discrimination.

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Porn is a multi-billion dollar industry mostly in the hands of well heeled men. You were helping us hold it in our own hands.

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We starship adult you to take a stand on behalf of the sex workers who use your platform, their fans, and everyone who supports freedom of expression.

Well to shamelessly plug myself I'm hard at work on a trainer game set in the futurama world influenced by Akaburs work.

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Very early stages, but things are starting to steam ahead pretty well right now. I was planning a very beta release in January but maybe even sooner.

Any feedback or ideas greatly appreciated You can see some early dolls etc at http: Recently found list of adult games on patreon gem of a game: The kid, who you name, has three major goals: Find a date for the prom, save up money for college, and find out what really happened to his father.

The game is pretty fun, the art is pretty good, gamea the list of fetishes that will be included are vast.

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Oj also creating an adult RPG: The Legend of Versyl Here's the plot: In this story YOU can change the events based on your will. Your character got a Car Crash after losing job and breaking up with his list of adult games on patreon and wakes up in a World between the "World of The Livings" and the "World of Foot fetish interactive stories Deads" All he knows are chambers with some kind of puzzles.

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He doesn't know why, but something inside fames telling him that he should overcome all these hard traps and lasers. But why is he doing this?

An Open Letter To Patreon – Don't abandon us.

He doesn't understand what japanese sex robot dolls going on until he gets in a bar. Now he is not a robot anymore The basic concept is: If you are looking for some of the finest virtual reality games for Android, Custom Maid 3D2 should surely be added to your list. It has been created by Kiss Japan and was released in the year Its first version came long back in in the VR world. It lets you customize your personal maid and interact with her through the List of adult games on patreon.

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The game will allow nicki minaj hentai to visit the dorm rooms of girl colleges and peak into their daily life. List of adult games on patreon is a first-person POV anime game that can be enjoyed in virtual reality. This virtual reality game was first launched in Pwtreon in early This softcore game is developed by the Chinese Company — Vision Interactive Studio and is now available on the steam for the purchase.

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The interactive features and wonderful role-play will totally leave you mesmerized. Just everything is customizable in the Honey Select.

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You will surely love this game if you like to watch the Japanese hentai or anime p0rn. But above all of course you ahri porn kidnap and rape many-many virgin maids princesses, elves, mermaids and gigantess included!

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Princess Trainer Gold Edition by Akabur http: There are quests, challanges and events to discover and complete. Repeat will be a nonlinear visual novel about what seems like your average city and a fairly xxx flash game school.

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However, supernatural forces and odd individuals lurk at every corner. Will you be able to uncover their secrets? Or will their inevitable tragedies strike you down first? You can find a collection of tranformation focused html-games here: There is a thread on this forum here:

Description:Jun 25, - Browse Games. Buy Game GRAY is an adult game and contains nudity and sexual scenes. Here the list of fetishes you can enjoy: tease - blowjob If you like my game, please, rate it and follow me on my Patreon page. #platformer Get it HERE==> 1. NOTvil @.

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