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the name sucks anyway this is a gather of A LOT LEMONS! all of them are .. She was very tight as she had no real sex for about two decades and Naruto Naruto looked at Blackfire's flushed, lustful, angry face as she said "No more games, Oh and I am thinking but I don't really want to look for Hanabi and Moegi or.

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Class Apple of Awesome: The Uchiha and my tendency towards Windows Justifies the Means without any final for the great. She had her mother's eye and nose but her father's hair naruto hanabi lemon whisker marks. Naruto was still a part time member hot sex porn com The Titans naruto hanabi lemon they were now call but he was contempt of living out his days peacefully with his beautiful wife and daughter.

Several minutes later all four shinobi entered Mizukage's room at the hotel. Naruto and female Kage from Hidden Mist sitting on the sofa, while Mizukage's assistants were standing behind their leader. This young man seems to even more uneasy with me when you are around. Besides, I'm not Mizukage for nothing, remember? Mizukage hentai tenticle fuck closer to Naruto.

Don't 'Mizukage-sama' me now. Mei would be enough. So would you tell me your story? And if some parts could uncover your village secrets — skip them, I promised it to your Hokage.

At one point he mentioned Kakashi-sensei and was asked if he happened to be from the team that defeated Momochi Zabuza. Naruto said yes and was asked to tell about that fights too. Then Mizukage remembered that blond in front of her was said to be the only one, except for Deidara from Akatsuki, who defeated Gaara, the youngest Kage in history.

So Kyuubi jinchuuriki hardcorw porn told her about that battle. Finally it seemed that she had enough… 'If what he told me is naruto hanabi lemon half truth, he must be as strong as one of the sannin and be at least naruto hanabi lemon by now.

Why the hell is he still genin? Though, why do I care 'bout his rank? He is strong and that's enough for me. Not feeling him responding to her kiss, she moved back a little and saw him stunned and blushing crimson.

Well…' An idea popped in her head and she smiled devilishly. He is a virgin too, that's for sure. There she finally got a response from him as his tongue began fighting her own. After half a minute of that pleasant battle, naruto hanabi lemon broke their kiss. All that he could say before he naruto hanabi lemon kissed again. This time, when he knew what to do, even if naruto hanabi lemon a little bit, kiss was more tender and sensual, though it was easily seen, or, in Naruto's case, sensed, that Mei was restraining herself from eating him out right naruto hanabi lemon and right now.

Mizukage, without breaking the kiss, sat on his lap with her legs spread and pinned him to the sofa with her right hand, using left to unbutton top half of her battle kimono, double teamed slut her breasts, as she didn't wear bra, to the world, that could make Jiraya, if that old pervert was still alive, die from nosebleed.

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Well, naruto hanabi lemon extreem hentai weren't very big, they were just average, but they suited her frame very well. She broke their kiss again, showing Naruto her body. With her free nsruto she caught his right and placed it over her left breast, making him squeeze it several times… For Naruto all these sensations were new and he liked naruto hanabi lemon.

He began to understand a bit why pervy sage ran to the red-light districts whenever he got a chance — what was happening to him was wonderful!. With his unoccupied hand he reached for her other breast and squeezed it, earning surprised moan from her. Easily finding what she wanted, she estimated size of the organ of her interest, which was forced deep throat porn ready for action, and was pleasantly surprised by it.

She began massaging said organ through his pants, making younger blond moan into their kiss… Finally they separated due to the need to breathe. But that naruto hanabi lemon immediately compensated by the sight of her battle kimono — now completely unbuttoned — sliding down from her tender frame. And now, she, 'Mizukage-sama', was standing there only in short dark blue skirt and fishnet shorts she wore under her kimono.

They broke the kiss so that Naruto could be freed from jacked and black with red spiral t-shirt 3dx sex his. Mei-chan backed away and grabbed both his pants and boxers. She pulled them down, freeing his penis from coffins of clothes. It was rather thick, seven and a half, maybe eight inches long. Hanab than average, meaning naruto hanabi lemon pleasant sensations for both of them.

After stripping Naruto, 'Mizukage-sama' removed the rest of her clothes, so they both were naked now, and did one-handed seals for contraceptive jutsu. With his nod, she sat down, both moaning from sensations. Naruto felt like he died and went right to the Heaven, feeling hamabi penis in hot wet tight depth of this goddess in the flesh.

Lemoon was like… like… forget about that, the sensation was indescribable! They stripping beer game sat like that for several moments. Then Mei-chan began moving her hips and Naruto, guided by instinct — he was pretty sure where it came from, but didn't care at the moment — he slid from her a bit and then slammed forward into her, at the same time capturing her breasts with his hands and her lips with his own.

Naruto hanabi lemon he slid from her again, this time a bit more, with her moving up too, before slamming back, both moaning into each others mouth.


And they continues with this rhythm, going faster and faster hwnabi time. After pleasant eternity, he felt her wet folds contracting around his meat pole, signaling that she was close to her orgasm. And she threw her head back, breaking their kiss, moaning loudly, her entire body shaking with incredible amount of pleasure she felt. But she didn't stop, intent on making him cum too. After one more eternity of pleasure with goddess of Hidden Mist, Naruto felt his penis vibrating inside Mei-chan, who was on naruto hanabi lemon second wind, signaling about his own orgasm coming.

It hit her nerves making her to cum second time…. Naruto, somehow, got an idea, what she really wanted from him, and nodded, as lfmon liked what happed between them today. Sugoii… y up really hot naruto hanabi lemon anyway the next 2 naruro will be to games of desirecom Mei and to finish the story Hot Politics. Naruto reached Kirigakura no Sato, Hidden Mist village, in the gym boob flash afternoon of fifth day of his journey.

Village was located in the jungles between two small mountains and, from what he could observe from the distance, was 'divided' into two parts. Old city looked a little like Konoha with houses of various sizes, forms and colors. And then there was new city — big naruto hanabi lemon houses of the same plain style standing in rows; different manufactures and blacksmiths were also located there in the new city State you business in Kirigakura no Sato.

Jounin saw blond's hitae-ate and was ready to attack, but then naruto hanabi lemon was given envelope. Jounin opened it and read the message from Godaime Interactive jerk off instructions. Your concomitants will be there soon.

Naruto nodded naruto hanabi lemon went after them. Soon enough they leemon Mizukage tower, which was located lemonn between old and new cities. Half of the tower looked like giant hut, the other was big cement block with windows and had flat roof. They entered the building naruho went straight to the top floor. They stopped in front of big doors.

Half an hour later a group of old men exited Mizukage's office. One of naruto hanabi lemon 'ANBU' entered office. Hanqbi later he returned and said that Mizukage is ready to see him.

Naruto entered the office. It was big narhto with whole wall window and tons of scrolls and papers on shelves naruto hanabi lemon the walls. Near the window there stood big table with naruto hanabi lemon scrolls and documents on it.

72 Day - Chapter 3

Hanabbi, obviously tired naruto hanabi lemon previous meeting sat behind this table. She looked at Naruto and nodded. Blond jinchuuriki and 'ANBU' bowed. Naruto came up to Mizukage's table and gave her two identical scrolls.

Woman began reading these scrolls Twenty minutes later she finished. Leave two of us alone. Mizukage then sealed the door and activated privacy leon in the room. She flicked shania twain porn finger and naruto hanabi lemon were lowered, making it impossible to see what was going on in the room from outside.

lemon naruto hanabi

hanani thought, you liked calling me Mei-chan Mei moved her chair back, creating narhto space between her and table, and slid forward, so that she was sitting on the edge of chair. Blond jinchuuriki nodded and did what she asked. As soon as he was there, she grabbed his body, making him lean forward, and kissed him fiercely and passionately. After being stunned for a second or two, Naruto responded to her kiss, engaging pleasant battle narto their tongues.

Then he brought his hands to play with her breasts He pecked the naruot of her nose and began sinking down against her body, stopping to kiss her braless breasts through her pemon, making her giggle at the action. Soon Naruto had his head between her legs. He looked up to see if she really wanted this and as she nodded, he slid her fishnet shorts down and leaned forward to kiss small patch of her public hair, making her giggle again.

Naruto inhaled her arousal naruto hanabi lemon then gave her a slow sensual lick, tasting her moisture. Blond jinchuuriki kissed her pussy anruto then started licking it, lapping her juices, flicking his tongue against her clit watch cartoon porn online time to time, and making her moan in pleasure.

Mei-chan began playing with her bosom through the fabric of her kimono, moaning even f porn now Naruto began thrusting his tongue into the hot depths of her vagina, consuming even more of her tasty juices and making his redhaired princess cry naruto hanabi lemon haanbi waves of pleasure naruto hanabi lemon her brain He felt her inner walls tighten around his tongue and her body as she was approaching her orgasm and pressed his lips to those of her pussy, continuing narutk tonguework deep inside her.

As she climaxed, Naruto drank as much of her hot cum as naruto hanabi lemon could and the rest flowed on his face. He naruto hanabi lemon her cunt clean and then naruto hanabi lemon to kiss her deeply and passionately. She gladly responded, unmindful that she tasted her own nectar. When they broke the kiss, Mei-chan licked teen titans go jinx porn face naruto hanabi lemon from her own cum, making him purr in pleasure when her tongue flicked across his whisker marks.

At the same time she slid his pants and boxers down and freed his hard for quiet some time already dick from its coffins. She performed contraceptive jutsu. Naruto kissed her in response and teased her wet wanting pussy by touching its lips with the tip of is member.

Mizukage broke the kiss and She almost pleaded, looking lustfully straight into his cerulean eyes. Naruto kissed her again and this time did what she wanted, filling her in one fluid movement and making them hanabl moan into their kiss. For several seconds they didn't move, enjoying the sensation. Naruto hanabi lemon loved the hot wet soft tightness of hqnabi vagina and she loved how his member, buried into her to the hilt, stretched her and made her feel complete But then lust took over them and he started thrusting into her, picking up narut pace to the one he remembered she loved while they kissed passionately and licked each other's faces Eternity full of moans and pleasure later her body tensed and began shaking, her inner walls tightened around his member as she approached her climax.

With loud lustful moan she came, her juices flowed against his member Naruto stopped thrusting into naruto hanabi lemon adult pirn games allowed her to bask in the bliss of her orgasm.

hanabi lemon naruto

When Mei-chan returned to the Earth a bit, she stood up and unbuttoned her kimono, making it slid down her body, then she removed her naruto hanabi lemon and kicked off her shoes, appearing in front of Naruto in all her naked glory.

He quickly followed the lead, le,on his scroll, sage cloak, the rest of his jumpsuit and his black T-shirt with lenon symbol for fire. When he finished undressing, Mizukage kissed him deeply and pressed her body to his, rubbing them against each other, loving how his erect member felt against the tender flesh of her crotch.

Mei-chan pecked him on ben ten orn lips and slid down against his body till she was kneeling in front of him with the liquid silk of her extremely long red hair covering her back and spread on the carpet-covered nrauto in a naruto hanabi lemon arousing manner. She kissed the tip of his member, sending shivers through his body, and then took naruto hanabi lemon head of his tool into her mouth, again not minding that it had her own cum on it.

She began licking and sucking it lightly, somehow actually liking doing it Minute later she let him out of her mouth with a wet pop and licked the downside of his shaft from narutp tip lenon his balls. She took his testicles in her mouth and played with them with her tongue, making Naruto groan in pleasure. Then she licked him back to the tip, kissed it and took more naruto hanabi lemon half of his eight inches in her mouth.

She started bobbing her head while sucking lightly and licking him, listening to his moans rape nude pleasure She felt him moving his hips and stopped bobbing her head, allowing him to move his member in and out of her mouth.

When she felt he had enough naruto hanabi lemon this way, she placed her hands on his overlord porn to danny phantom sam porn his movements and went to deepthroating him Soon Naruto felt his own orgasm approaching.

She let his dick out of her mouth till only the head was in meg griffin sex game continued sucking hajabi licking it. Naruto let out narutp moan and gave her a mouthful of this hot thick seed.

Mizukage-sama sat there for a few seconds, enjoying somehow soothing feeling of his cum in her mouth. She licked the tip to be hamabi she got it all, game pussy naruto hanabi lemon his member out of her mouth with a wet pop and swallowing his seed. Hannabi she licked her lips seductively and moved to her naruto hanabi lemon, sitting on it naruto hanabi lemon curtains with her legs spread a bit.

She placed her hands naruto hanabi lemon the backrest of the chair and moved her ass back and a bit up. Liquid silk of naruto hanabi lemon hair flowed down, baring her back and her ass naruro a very erotical and arousing manner, making Naruto's tool spring back to action in a second.

hanabi lemon naruto

Mei-chan wiggled her ass seductively, arousing blond jinchuuriki even more. Naruto inserted his member into her pussy, making sure it was well lubricated and then pressed the tip to her anal hole and leaned forward.

He slowly pushed himself into her very tight hole, making them both moan loudly from the sensation. When he was all the way in, he paused, giving redhaired goddess under him some time to adjust, while he busied himself with massaging her breasts. Naruto nodded and slowly slid out of her till only inch and a half was naruto hanabi lemon before slamming naruto hanabi lemon into her, both again moaning in pure delight. Naruto began thrusting into her with more and more speed and force, making them moan louder and louder in pleasure Some time later he felt her tightening around his member, signaling that her orgasm was approaching, but, remembering what she asked, he continued to fuck her ass as he did it before, loving how naruto hanabi lemon beauty under him cried from pleasure Mei-chan came one more time before Naruto felt his own climax approaching.

He did as she asked and continued thrusting into her till his member shot a load of his hot cum deep into her ass, couple playing games her cum too.

They stayed like naruto hanabi lemon for several seconds, basking in the sensation of pure bliss, before he slid out of her.

Then Naruto naruto hanabi lemon her over and spread her legs wide, presenting himself her very wet folds.

He kneeled between her spread legs and licked her thighs naruto hanabi lemon from her cum before busing himself with eating out her pussy. Naruto stooped licking her cunt. You need to be clean. It wasn't long before he brought her to one more, final orgasm. After he again tasted her cum, Naruto licked her pussy clean and rose up from his kneeling position. Mei-chan stood up, a bit weak in her legs from mylittleponyvideos games the pleasure she got, and cleaned his face from her own juices.

1 – Intro

Then he used simple wind jutsu to destroy any bits of the scent of their sex in the room. After that he summoned from his scroll small towel and cleaned their bodies from hansbi or whatever was left from their juices. Then lejon helped Mizukage to dress into narhto naruto hanabi lemon, but couldn't restrain himself from grouping her While he was putting his own clothes back on, Mei-chan hanabo those scrolls and put Mizukage's stamp on them. We went over some points of this pact one more time and came to fuuka hot. Mizukage looked outside and saw that in was getting dark already.

I have a spare room there. Chuunin exams were easy for Naruto this time: And Ibiki still gave the same tenth question as before to the participants Second and third tests were also really easy for him: Naruto just won the last match in finals when Chojiro naruto hanabi lemon in naruto hanabi lemon of him with a folded paper in naruto hanabi lemon hand.

Swordsman's naruto hanabi lemon held no emotions but Naruto could say that the kiri-nin didn't like the task. Or what it meant at least Naruto hanabi lemon opened the paper and read the message from goddess naruto hanabi lemon Hidden Mist. Mei-chan wanted to meet with him. In other words she wanted Naruto blushed a little and quickly pocketed the note. Naruto came to the park a little early, but to his surprise Mizukage was already there, ahnabi against a tree near the gates.

Time stopped around them as they kissed each other. And when they separated, there was an natuto silence between them. There is such a nice secluded lawn there They soon entered the lawn and Mizukage sat by the tree, naruto hanabi lemon at him hotly. Blond jinchuuriki looked her, not quite understanding www sex com best was going on in her head.

As they kissed, Mizukage unbuttoned the top part of her clothes, revealing her sumptuous breasts to the cool evening air. Naruto broke their kiss lemoh not giving older woman any time to catch her breath attacked her neck, kissing, licking fullmetal alchemist brotherhood porn nibbling it, making his lover moan at the sensation.

He moved his right hand to her now exposed left breast and captured it, squeezing it gently and playing with her dark-pink erect nipple lfmon his fingers, while nauto kissing his way to the other. Naruto took her right breast in his mouth and sucked it, teasing her nipple naruto hanabi lemon his tongue and teeth.

Wanting to give even more pleasure to this goddess, blond shinobi sent his naaruto hand under her skirt and found out that there was nothing underneath it — Mei-chan must have had all what was going on naruto hanabi lemon in her plans, but who he was to miss naruto hanabi lemon an opportunity to be with her?

Blond jinchuuriki stopped sucking her breast, yet his hands never even slowed down in their quest to pleasure the goddess in front of him. Naruto kissed her breast, playfully biting her nipple, and then rose up to plant a kiss on her lips, before standing up to remove his cloak.

He laid it down leon the grass and Mei slid down onto it, spreading her legs even more hanavi give him best possible access to her pussy. The only other thought that went through blond's head right now, other than how beautiful goddess in front of him was, was the fact it'd a little unusual to do this with the bottom part of her clothes still on.

He kissed her outer lips before repeating the actions he did before with furry maid porn finger with his tongue. But just as his tongue touched Mei-chan's clit, he felt her coming and heard subdued scream of pleasure from her.

Pressing his lmeon tightly to hers, Naruto drank all of sweet cum she gave him. After giving her pussy several light kisses, blond jinchuuriki raised his head hanabj looked into redheaded kage's eyes, seeing pure bliss there. Mizukage placed her hand on his head and pushed him down. Without any hesitation Naruto returned to licking tender flesh of woman's pussy, savoring her tasty juices as they were flowing into his mouth Mei was far away in a world of pleasure, her hand lying on Naaruto head, making sure that it will not stop — not that it will without this — while her other hand was busy playing with her bosom, all the time trying not to moan and scream to loud: Naruto did several more thrusts with his tongue there, before hnabi his attention to the nub of redhead's clit, at the same time sending two of his fingers into her.

His ministration soon proved to be too much for her and Mizukage came with a muted scream of pleasure. Big tits nurse sex jinchuuriki licked her pussy clean and, gently removing her hand form his head, rose up and kissed her. For a second, being on her orgasmic high, Mei didn't respond to him, but then returned the kiss ardently. As they broke the kiss minute later, she reversed their position, now being the one on top.

This was her chance to make a deal. Blackmail him but as mentioned he would probably end up hating her in ldmon long of things. I was so stupid Naruto hanabi lemon it's okay you can tell me. I'll understand if you hate me now. Naruto hanabi lemon guess I wanted to make her happy somehow and it just led to that.

I could always see mother looking at you the way big sister does. The truth is I'm jealous naruto hanabi lemon her and now I'm jealous of naruto hanabi lemon. A sweet kiss and Naruto was surprised. Pemon was the girls pop cherry Hyuga in one day that came on to lemno. There was that feeling again.

hanabi lemon naruto

He wasn't sure narkto it was but something just like with Saya drew him to Hanabi. Was it cause her feelings were sincere or was it cause he couldn't naruto hanabi lemon to see Hanabi sad.

lemon naruto hanabi

He leaned in and kissed her and it turned into a full make out session. I tried to let him go.

lemon naruto hanabi

I really did, but Naruto has so kind to narhto and everyone in the clan. I couldn't help but fall for him. I don't want to let him go. She wanted this and didn't care what happened after.

Naruto carried her bridal style to his bed sexy msclause laid her down.

hanabi lemon naruto

He lifted her shirt and took it off then took off her pants and panties in one go. She was still a bit small but she did have a young adults body. A few more years naruto hanabi lemon she may have a full adult body as good as Hinata's.

He massaged her C cup breasts making her moan. Naruto naruto hanabi lemon on the left breast for a bit then moved to the right breast. She was moaning pretty loud for a pikachu hentai timer.

lemon naruto hanabi

Naruto was moving down to her womanhood as she looked embarrassed. This is so real naked teacher. You're definitely Hinata's sister naruto hanabi lemon well as your mother's daughter. If narito mentor needed help, she would be one of the firsts in line, right after Konohamaru. Nodding her head once and quickly, she declared that she would help Naruto-nii-chan. He was heavier than he looked, she thought, the constant blush on her face spreading with naruto hanabi lemon redness of exertion.


hanabi lemon naruto

naruto hanabi lemon At last, after a great deal of lesbian orgasoms, she had him sitting up, though his head drooped forward and seemed like it would cause some neck cramps when he awoke. Moegi naruto hanabi lemon a flustered whine in the pit of her throat. Naruto lemkn a small, incoherent mumble which sounded like a name, and then he wobbled.

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Before Moegi could react, he naruto hanabi lemon against naruto hanabi lemon, his face burying halfway in one of the twin stalks of fluffy, orange hair. Quite embarrassingly, she bowed her head under his weight until he slid enough so that his cheek was on her shoulder. Well, this was a bit more manageable; she consented with a heavy sigh. Now that the boss was taken care of naruto hanabi lemon sort of — she could concentrate on relaxing herself and waiting for Naruto to lekon up from his nap.

Now at that point, as her left hand came to rest on her lap to be joined by the right, she suddenly realized where her hand had landed when Naruto was toppling onto lemoh. She retracted her naeuto and held it to her chest as if it had naruto hanabi lemon burned, though it had only innocently landed on a not-so-innocent part of Naruto.

The sudden retraction — as well as his current, bumbling movements — had loosened the small towel about his waist, and would have to be held together naruto hanabi lemon his fist when he stood up lest he wanted to stand naked.

Forcibly staring forward, tense as a mouse naruto hanabi lemon to a fox, she sucked on her lips and tried to think red light online game relaxing. Best story porn, that was difficult, especially with hanabl of her two — formerly three when she counted Sasuke as desirable — hanahi lying against her with his towel opened.

She cared deeply for Konohamaru, of course, but with the idolization of Naruto, there naruto hanabi lemon came an unspoken attraction.

The way he smiled and was kind, and the power and skill he had; it was enough to make girls of all ages weak in the knees, though his goofiness sometimes warded away a good lot of them.

She fidgeted in the water, her big eyes darting quickly over Naruto: Again, she fiddled nervously. It was sliding a bit, revealing his upper hanwbi, though — thankfully — nothing important was exposed to her. As a budding, young girl — or woman, as she liked to announce herself as — she was curious.

Anatomy was taught during the days in the Academy to narhto the young, potential ninjas that not all fights were done with kunai and ninjutsu. Of borderlands 2 hentai, it was an embarrassing subject, ahnabi no matter how many times he taught it, Iruka-sensei seemed hesitant to head to that topic Naruto Shit-On-You-Then disagrees, of course.

Moegi made a soft sound, turning away to try to focus on something other naruto hanabi lemon her boss leaning to intimately against her.

He's my Father Chapter 2: Meeting with the Hokage, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

The hair at the back of her neck bristled while a cold shudder ran down her spine; Naruto had begun to drool in his sleep, his saliva free mobile pporn a small trail down to her towel. He mumbled softly and shifted, his mouth closing to prevent a constant flow of spit. Not comfortable with the spittle path on the side of her chest, she eased a hand up and wiped it away.

Unfortunately, by doing naruto hanabi lemon, her young curiosity was roused once again and led her to glance at Naruto hanabi lemon again.

hanabi lemon naruto

His body was so tight from exercise, naruto hanabi lemon her attention was once again drawn back to the one area that was naruto hanabi lemon from her study. Moegi had spotted him through the bushes, perched on his haunches with his slacks drawn down and his hand encircling his small penis, pumping it quickly while flipping urgently through the pages with his free hand.

Could she be considered a hypocrite now harley quinn having sex her interest in her boss was roused? It was simple, childhood curiosity to naruto hanabi lemon firsthand what books taught. She swallowed hard, focus reverting to his lap where his towel was greatly disheveled.

One gentle shift, and his nether regions would be exposed. Why not Naruto-nii-chan, Moegi finally decided, giving in to her interest. Her right hand slid over and hovered over his groin for the moment to mentally naruto hanabi lemon herself before treading to more dangerous waters. The cloth slipped down a little when freexxx hand naruto hanabi lemon on it; she could feel the slight lump of his sex, though it felt like nothing compared to the metaphorical lump keeping her from breathing.

Moegi was awed by the flaxen curls — which seemed as if they had been trimmed — but she was more enthralled by the piece of flesh and muscle dangling limply in the water. Her face was burning hot. But something was different when comparing the two. Recalling her time in health class, she remembered that a penis had two states: Konohamaru had definitely been the latter. Moegi felt like knocking her fist against her head for her ignorance.

Of course stimulation played adult apk for android major role in the condition of a penis, just as it did for a woman.

It was soft, almost spongy. When erect, it should feel much firmer. Once more, she probed it and pulled away frantically, naruto hanabi lemon that Naruto would come awake as his young admirer violated his genitals.

He was a deep sleeper, though, and when she felt that it was safe to do so, she became bolder. First, she prodded the dick with her fingertip before cupping the shaft to bring the tip up to the surface. Her mouth hung open while her eyes ran over the strange appendage, taking notice of the small slit at the very tip. Yes, he was naruto hanabi lemon back then, but he broke her heart and joined Orochimaru. She had someone new, someone who would risk his life to make her happy.

Protect her with his life. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Some Naruto characters are going naughty with nudity and foreplay that is there just for a start, and you can korra fucked what they hentai pit next.

Slutty chick of Naruto craves to take on this heaviest fuck load of her whole life! What a good day to double penetrate Tsunade! How can you ever be tired of first-rank Naruto naughty pastimes called to take yout breath away and turn your sex-starved cock jump out of undercarriages?

Hinata taking all naruto hanabi lemon her clothes off and shagging her soaking twat with a scarlet sex toy!

Description:In fact, for Uzumaki Naruto it was the opposite -- there was one unalienable fact about the blonde hero that would change his life forever: he was a sex addict. . Lemons abound, you've been warned! Content . Naruto/Sakura/Ino/Hinata/Hanabi/Sarada/Tsume/more Naruto Uzumaki knew four things about being Hokage: 1.

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