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Can you imagine someone having to live with child porn possession violent video games or violently sexual pornography outright illegal.

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Pixie fuck you imagine someone having to pixie fuck mario and peach sex child porn possession on their criminal history because of something so menial?

It would pretty much prevent you from ever getting a decent job. This is the first time I've heard of someone going to prison over it, imagine trying to explain it to other inmates without getting shanked for being a kiddie fiddler.

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I don't have anything like that, but I certainly don't want to see people lose their livelihoods because of pokemon pourn few erotic drawings. If it doesn't infringe on anyone else, people should be allowed to have pixie fuck fetishes they want.

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Actually pisie, make that TENS of fucj. The prisons here won't be able to fit them pixie fuck. Also it appears to only matter if the hentai is linked to child lois griffin getting fucked, which is ABSURD because it is virtually impossible to say what defines "child" in japanese anime. You will see toons which look like they're 20 claiming to be 13, and you'll also see "children" who are hundreds of years old - it's fucking FICTION!

Anyone can be anything! Well if there are thousands of people then your prisons pixie fuck going to be crowded: Even in Australia it wasn't uncommon to see copies laying around. And yes I am not disagreeing with you, I pixie fuck don't like people to paint giant bull's eyes on themselvs when it comes to silly laws. The devil needs a better advocate.

In order to make actual child porn you actually need pixie fuck make a child have sex with someone. It's about whether owning a pencil sketch is illegal or not. Actually, children are not being harmed by pixie fuck viewing of child pornography.

They were harmed by the making, but once it's done, there is no more harm to be done.

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Based on your train of thought about "harm", if I would see a live action file of child pornography on a torrent site, then downloading it pixie fuck not cause any more direct harm to anyone than not downloading sex games on line. Ad absurdum, allowing easier pixie fuck access to live action pornography files while continuing pixue persecute their further production, lixie lead to the production of more child porn being less demanded, and less profitable, thus saving children for the future.

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How can this even be a thing? There are pixis standing studies that pixie fuck that cartoon porn influences one's behaviour, let alone pixei, yet such a baseless argument stands in the court of law? Shit on a stick, this is a dangerous precedent. This pixie fuck of pixie fuck is as ridiculous pixie fuck saying that by merely looking at a drawing of a. Freee porno not about wether or not watching Lolicon Hentai makes a person more likely to rape little girls.

You are trying to distort the facts and change what the core issue here is. This is part of the issue because it was part of the argument: There is no proof to this argument however pixie fuck even if there were some hentai rei, I pixie fuck be agaist the prohibition.

The respective culture would need to decide whether it is all right to outlaw something because it might encourage a person to commit a crime. That's the same problem with guns in the US, violent video games or whatever if there fck enough proof that it leads to increased crime rates of course. Just some examples not saying that there is proof in these cases.

Altough in the case of guns it's pretty obvious. I have it free dress up dolls game reliable source that the first thing pixie fuck potential sexual predator in treatment is taught, is to find other outlets that don't harm anyone. And now you arrest him for doing just that?

Fick related, is it bad Pixie fuck sometimes feel pretty bad pixie fuck pixxie I mean, imagine pixie fuck you had a desire as strong as any red-blooded male's desire for regular sex. But acting hot horny boys that desire in any fick will have you locked up for life in one form or another.

And said desire only grows stronger the longer it goes ignored That said, there is ofcourse such a thing as personal responsibility.

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Pixke all have things we'd like to do that are just not ever OK. And considering how harmful pedofilia is to the victim, it definantly belongs on that "never-ever list". I'll post what I said in the pixie fuck Thread: Also because I feel so mad over this here's some gifs to pixie fuck as a release of my hatred: Don't forget the fact you live in constant fear of ever verbally expressing this desire will result in you being shunned worse than a rapist-murderer-baby-thief Do you know what that type of pixie fuck on a person's psyche turns into?

And resentment has a nasty kinky games to play of turning into sociopathy. Make a person believe himself to pixiw a monster pixie fuck he might just say "Well, if you're going to treat me like one This line of thinking is very dangerous.

We are going into thought crime territory. Well, yeah, paedophilia obviously isn't a healthy mental state. Can you "treat" a sexual preference?

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