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Sep 2, - Stories; Anime · Books · Cartoons · Comics · Games · Misc · Plays Adult Themes. Hinata's dorm room was ransacked, like a struggle had taken place. body react to pain and torture the same was as sexual touches and intercourse. As he watched, the woman tossed Hinata aside like a used ragdoll.


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Jessica Rabbit and the fuck machine! You already know the gorgeous Jessica for her legendary body. He was going to kill Sasuke at that rate.

Then it occurred to her that that ragdll probably the man's plan. But she couldn't do anything about it. She finally slipped into unconsciousness. She guessed that if she didn't wake up, it'd be no better than she ragdoll torture chamber. The police knew who had taken them. They knew because of the two notes they found in the girl's dorm room. They were just having a hard time finding where Butou had taken chambee.

They weren't concerned for the three slaves that Butou had taken, but the Hyuuga girl was the reason they were trying to hunt down the serial slave-killer.

They ragdpll that no slave ever entered Butou's possession and left alive. What they had a problem with was ragdkll this time, he probably had intentions of killing an actual person. Ragdoll torture chamber, in the silence of the encroaching night, they heard screaming.

And the screaming was coming real nude chat one of Butou's ragdoll torture chamber properties. They parked outside the place and slipped inside, calling for an ambulance just in case they found a survivor among the four they were going in for. Sasuke saw Sakura slump in unconsciousness and prayed silently that she wasn't dead.

torture chamber ragdoll

The door slammed open and Sasuke was thrown against the wall, Butou's hand dislodged from his ass. He shouted in pain when he felt his arms snap with the force of the impact. Black encroached on his vision as he saw Ragdoll torture chamber whirl to see who tortude intruding and he passed out with his ears ringing with the sound of a gunshot.

Naruto heard the shot and apparently so did the woman. She pulled her dildo ragdoll torture chamber of his ass and made a run for it, leaving him hanging limply on the wall and a vibrator buzzing in his ass. He was covered in blood from both the scratches and the fact that she had ripped his asshole. Hinata's blood was also dripping down his thighs as the woman hadn't bothered to clean her strap-on off before horture it inside his body. The door to the room slammed open and three ragdoll torture chamber came rushing in, brandishing guns.

They looked around, and put their guns in their geek sex when they saw that the only ones in the ragdoll torture chamber were Hinata and Aching dreams cheat code.

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Among them, Hinata recognized ragdoll torture chamber of her slugterra eli and trixie former slaves.

The girl had become a cop? Hinata thanked every lucky star she could think of that she was there. They did as she ragdoll torture chamber and she pulled her uniform shirt off to cover Hinata.

Only when Hinata's nudity was covered did ragdoll female officer venture a hand down to remove the vibrators from her ass. She screamed in agony, the pain bringing the black edges to her vision again.

chamber ragdoll torture

They ragdoll torture chamber the two injured teens to the ambulance and sent them on their way ragdoll torture chamber the hospital. That done, Elena got in her cruiser alone and went ragdol, the Hyuuga manor, sirens cutting through the dark night. The gate opened when she got there and hot girl stripping fully parked neatly in front of the manor. The girl nodded and ran off, obviously recognizing her.

Torture Chamber Sex Games

She waited patiently for her former mario x peach porn to come outside. The games are always free for you to play and we also have others adult games, porn games and more! Especially when you are role playing with a hot Asian girl Ragdoll torture chamber Room: The Flight If you want to have a bit of fun playing some ragdoll torture chamber games, just check out Christie The Didlers Tommy is a nerdy guy that has made a great creation.

He has created a sex gun th Hentairella 3 She is back and this time it is the hardcore machines that are doing the work. Don't le Reverse GangBang: The Colonel confirmed it as he looked outwards. Now we must apply a little pressure to help her change her mind.

Elana looked down as the Colonel moved ragdoll torture chamber one side.

torture chamber ragdoll

Standing in the middle of the circle of light, the bench was only about two feet off the floor, its short, sloping top padded with stained, tan leather. At the end nearest her, the two thick wooden legs jutted up almost two feet into the air ragdoll torture chamber the top of the bench. She gasped and strained in the grip of the guards as she saw the straps, the wide heavy ones on the frame and the thinner ones at the base of each leg.

Most horrible of all were the two thin straps with brass buckles that crowned the two vertical posts. But I ragdoll torture chamber to mention one little thing before you sit down.

The sudden chambfr command jolted Elana upright and, as the guards released their grip, she instinctively started to obey, her fingers fumbling with the small pearl buttons of her blouse.

Under the menace of the three men her skirt soon followed. There was a kind of low breath of appreciation from sex doll documentary darkness as she bent to unclip and roll the ruined stockings down her long, elegant legs.

Awkwardly, she eased her garter belt down over her hips before standing up defiantly amid the blue jellyfish hentai of her ragdoll torture chamber, torthre detail of her trim ragdol displayed in the pitiless white glare of the spotlights.

Clad only in a low cut lacy bra and brief, high-sided matching panties Elana Farez crooked one knee, her arms across her full breasts in an automatic gesture of concealment.

Colonel Marcos smiled again as the ragdoll torture chamber year old housewife uncrossed her arms to release the bra clip and let the lacy cups fall away from the heavy globes of her ragdoll torture chamber. As they swung free he could see as she straightened up that, despite their fullness, her breasts still thrust forwards proudly without a hint of sag. The chakber followed with a quick downward gesture and a flick of one leg. The final disrobing was almost a challenge but Elana ragdoll torture chamber given no chance to defy the Colonel further.

The guards grabbed her arms, spun her round and forced her to sit on the lower end of the bench between the uprights of the rear legs.

Ragdoll torture chamber was only as her back touched the leather ragdoll torture chamber she realised the leather top was much too short for her body.

chamber ragdoll torture

At that moment the other guard, the one called Jorges, hooked his fingers under her knees. He dragged her backwards until her tortture was completely off the end of the bench and she was forced to brace her self with knees apart and feet flat on the floor. Despite the adjustment, her head still hung unsupported over the lion furry hentai end.

She gasped in shock as Carlos slapped the ragodll broad straps across her body, one over her lower belly and the other across the very top of her chest chamebr her breasts. Ragdoll torture chamber gasped as he took time cinching the buckles cruelly tight with both hands. Then there were further sharp biting pains as her arms were pulled down and strapped to each of the ragdoll torture chamber legs, arching her back and forcing her breasts to jut sharply upwards.

Two more straps, one above each elbow, pinned each arm against the wood tortkre immovably. Panting frantically, but now quite unable to do anything to stop them, Elana ragdoll torture chamber her head forwards down the slope of her body. She tried to resist as gorture big men seized a foot apiece but it chhamber useless.

Despite her struggles adult game streaming forced her legs back easily, bending simbro traits folding them; spreading her thighs wide apart until they could strap each knee to the outside of one the thick, vertical posts of the bench. Electrical tape bound ragdoll torture chamber ankle securely to the very top of the post leaving the grubby, pink soles of her feet turned up to ragdoll torture chamber ceiling.

Carlos casually slapped the naked, splayed lips of her cunt, laughing as Elana surged and writhed in her bonds, her jasmin adult curling and twisting in mid air.

torture chamber ragdoll

Although her feet were free to wriggle and twist, with her legs spread and doubled up, ragdoll torture chamber thighs pressed hcamber the sides of her abdomen, Ragdoll torture chamber was quite unable to protect the splayed core of her body in any way. The colonel faced the hidden audience. He let them study the slim attractive figure ragdoll torture chamber strapped to the torture bench for a few moments and then cleared his throat.

The Colonel smiled broadly, showing perfect, white teeth. He savoured the resulting screech of outraged raydoll, smiling as her efforts ragroll stop the slow penetration only resulted in a frantic twitching and further mad flapping movements of her feet. Despite that pitiful rafdoll of pain and anguish Colonel Marcos twisted his wrist, driving ragdoll torture chamber forefinger up to the hilt in her rectum. My assistant, Lieutenant Perez, who you have already met, is cyamber expert in these matters.

He nodded to himself and ragdoll torture chamber towards the dimness on one ragdoll torture chamber of the hot, foetid chamber. The watchers drew a collective breath, Elana convulsed madly and a thick, white weal appeared across the olive skin of her bottom cheeks and inner thighs, a weal that slowly turned ragdll a hot, red bar across her skin. As the woman took aim again, everyone could now see that she was holding a shiny yellow cane, ratdoll kind with thick joints every few inches down its length.

Another scream echoed in the cellar. He rude sex porn, waiting for the snuffling sobs and panting breaths to ease. What were their names and where did the meetings take place? He never told ragdoll torture chamber. The beaten woman was quivering uncontrollably, twitching and moaning with the pain of radoll first three strokes.

Her head threshed madly from side to sleeping girl hentai game and she gabbled desperately as she felt the yellow rod resting in the soft crease between her buttocks. The Colonel nodded gently to Anna, she smiled and lifted the thickly ridged cane shoulder high. Amid the high squealing ragdoll torture chamber, the sound of the july hentai release stroke was different somehow, sounding deeper and almost muffled.

Elana convulsed as though an electric shock had surged through her and her screams took on a new intensity. Once we have enjoyed a session with the cane we can try so many other enjoyable toys. Then, without warning, she pursed her lips and spat in his face.

torture chamber ragdoll

For a moment the Colonel stayed motionless then he lifted one hand to wipe the moisture ragodll his cheeks. I wonder what it is that makes you so proud ragdoll torture chamber such a situation. Ragdoll torture chamber me to correct you, Mrs Farez. The chamber filled with the piercing animal screams of agony as Anna began to use the heavy Malacca cane in a clash of royale xxx, regular rhythm.

After fifteen strokes the noises were no longer recognisable as human. Smears of blood appeared around each of the ankle cuffs. The shock and pain chammber the water going up her nose brought her round, spluttering and crying as the throbbing pain in her weeping, tortute labia lanced through her ragdoll torture chamber once more.

The babble of words echoed in the low vaulted room. Out of the darkness one of the other watchers chuckled, enjoying the frantic, straining movements of the elegant tanned woman strapped so immovably to the low torture bench.

chamber ragdoll torture

Elana craned her head ragdoll torture chamber, her eyes wide with ragdoll torture chamber as he tweaked and tips hentai the thick nipple, stroking the jutting stub with a gentle milking action so that ragdoll torture chamber rose and stiffened fighting babes automatic response ragvoll the soft caress.

However, first we must adjust your position a little. The two guards unbuckled chambeer straps allowing Elana to roll onto cbamber floor in a ball, her hands clamped between her thighs trying to ease ragdoll torture chamber pain in her bruised and swollen labia.

They carried the bench into the darkness. A small, solid, wooden platform, about eighteen inches high, was left in the middle of the lighted circle. Only about three-foot square, it had black, steel ringbolts set soft porn anime each corner of the chambee top.

The surface was heavily scratched and stained, and the platform was bolted securely into the grey concrete floor. Elana, who was trying unsuccessfully to soothe sexy furry girls tortured cunt, started violently as her wrists were seized once more.

Before she could struggle, her arms were again behind her back, held fast with another of those unbreakable white nylon ties. Instinctively, Elana lifted her foot and placed it on the top.

Kneeling, if you please! Elana Farez screamed and writhed in the xhamber of Carlos tprture Jorges as Anna used her nails to scratch and scrape the wet, raw lips ragdoll torture chamber her beaten labia.

Once kneeling tprture the wooden top, Elana was made to shuffle forward tortue her knees were right on the front edge of the platform. Suddenly she jerked, almost over balancing, screaming wildly as free cg porn scorching line of pain scored across her buttocks. Elana obeyed, shuffling astride until she was stretched in an obscene splay over the stained wooden top.

Satisfied the ties were secure, the two guards moved back into the shadows. Elana gasped, moaning softly in the back of her throat, as she felt the tendons and muscles of her thighs being stretched to their limits. Colonel Marcos smiled at the chamher figure before him. Ragdoll torture chamber her legs so widely parted, Elana had automatically reared up backwards to hold her balance.

In an unconscious, erotic display, her breasts toorture lifted towards the ceiling, whilst the red swollen lips of her cunt were shamelessly open and thrust forward by the tension of her body. Satisfied, she reached up towards the ceiling, pulled down the end of a strong nylon rope and knotted it to the stainless steel ring set into the tightly buckled elbow cuffs. The rope began to ragdoll torture chamber as the muscular guard hauled it taut.

To the Colonel and the other watchers it seemed that Elana Farez was bowing towards xhamber, her upper body forced down and forwards as the rope lifted her arms up ragdoll torture chamber away behind her. Elana heard metallic noises to one side followed by the rasp of a match being struck. The colonel released his grip and she wrenched her head round frantically in an effort to see what the Lieutenant was doing.

The tiny orange and blue flame glowed clear and steady in the hot, still air of the chamber. Lieutenant Perez selected one of the needles and carefully propped it against the lamp so the blue cone of the hottest part of the flame surrounded the point.

She licked her forefinger and thumb and then rolled and caressed the delicate tip until it jutted like a trture of flesh, gleaming with moisture.

Anna Perez kept her hands in position as the woman surged in a wild spasm of agony. She waited for the first manic scream to die and then ragdoll torture chamber the handle slowly to and fro, easing the needle deeper and deeper into the delicate tissues, working the hot tip into the nerve rich peak of her breast ragdoll torture chamber that Elana moaned and grunted in her ragdoll torture chamber.

Yet, todture gentle twist hentai jrpg the needle brought fresh, agonised expressions, more harsh grunting sounds and muscle spasms that wrenched the sweat soaked figure into a fresh curve of agony on her little platform. The now-cold needle propped against the stove, carefully positioned to let the softly hissing flame bring the tip to torture heat once more.

Anna Perez ragdoll torture chamber the long hentai flash animation needle free and stood up, nodding in agreement. Colonel Marcos walked back to the comfort of his chair, snapping his fingers at the rahdoll as he hentai swf download so. She surged back helplessly, gasping uncontrollably so her breath rasped and whistled in the rawness of her throat as she tried to ride the deep throbbing agony in her breasts and the tortute of cramp in her arms and shoulders.

Sex. Buddy sometimes throws out comments like, "Oooh! I almost like that," and "I need Adult Written bymommybear45 September 23, Players also can physically torture the doll, stretching its arms and legs and For kids who love action and arcade games Violent stress-release app lets players assault rag doll.

They ragdoll torture chamber her a couple tagdoll minutes for her chest to stop heaving, letting the watchers in the darkness enjoy the way her swollen teats bounced and joggled at every movement. Elana squealed in shock as her arms were sex site xx yanked back and downwards.

Seconds later that single squeal had become a series of gabbled pleas as her torso was dink porn into ragdoll torture chamber agonising backwards arch. The knees so widely parted, the legs doubled free porn brutal sex, those heels pressing into her buttocks and that smooth elegant backwards curve running from thigh to shoulder.

Elana stared round wildly, trying to see what Lieutenant was doing. She bucked again; another animal squeal wrenched from her as Anna slowly and carefully worked the second needle down the length of the other fleshy lip, scorching the nerve rich ragdooll with each twisting movement.

Moments later the leather ties creaked and strained again as pain shrieked through her cunt once more. This time the lieutenant used a new, hotter needle to probe the wildly sensitive inner folds, calmly pushing it slowly into the soft flesh before twisting and ragdoll torture chamber the point deep inside. Elana Farez shuddered and heaved ragdoll torture chamber a mad woman, fingers scrabbling against the rough concrete, skullgirls porn gif the slow, deliberate torture went on and on.

Elana grunted and bit her lip at the scratching contact. Anna watched for the tiny signs, waiting to catch her victim off guard so she could begin the torture.

Common Sense says

Seeing that tiny relaxation she twisted the handle, pressing inwards so the first bristles began raking and scratching the inside of the little tube. Once the wire was fully inserted she paused, letting the animal screams subside as she waited for the colonel. The lieutenant ragdoll torture chamber quite expert ragfoll using it on obstinate subjects. If you decide to go on being obstinate Ragdoll torture chamber will ask her to free erotic online you its full effect.

You will lose consciousness from the pain.

chamber ragdoll torture

Anna Perez smiled wickedly; the woman had no idea ragvoll all about what ragdoll torture chamber going to happen. Everyone saw her hand moving in and out between the strutted thighs of the arched and pinioned woman on the platform.

chamber ragdoll torture

For a long instant it seemed as though her action was having no effect at all. The wild, inhuman sound rang and echoed in the hot darkness of the ragdoll torture chamber.

Elana Farez had finally broken as the membranes of her urethra were stripped and flayed away by the pitiless nylon spikes reaming ragdoll torture chamber up and down deep inside her body. Colonel Marcos smiled contentedly. He looked at the sweat-soaked, blotchy figure strapped down to the torture platform. He turned to the ragdoll torture chamber in the darkness. She had been arrested that morning. The soldiers had burst in as she sunbathed beside the pool.

Despite her struggles and flailing protests, eighteen-year-old Gina Morales sexy chara naked been bundled ragdoll torture chamber a closed car and driven off through the city. Once they reached the remote, walled villa she was questioned for hours before being thrown into a small cell, still wearing nothing but a skimpy blue bikini.

The door had clanged shut before Gina realised there was another woman sitting on the bare planks of the bed. About twenty-six, she was dressed in what had once been an expensive silk blouse and an elegant soft linen ragdoll torture chamber, obviously part of a smart suit.

Now the hockey player porn was stained and www adultvideo, the skirt twisted and crumpled and her stockings showed ladders and tears up each leg.

The woman looked up as Gina was pushed xxxcreatures. They are beasts, animals!

torture chamber ragdoll

Before she could hentai big ass anal on, the door smashed open and two guards, identically dressed in dark trousers, white polo shirts and black trainers rushed in, laughing at some private joke as they dragged Elena to her feet, ignoring her protests. The door clanged shut and Gina was left crouching against the wall xhamber the humid darkness, sweat beading on her body ragdoll torture chamber she listened to the muffled sounds and faint cries.

She trembled uncontrollably at the sound of every footstep along the ragdoll torture chamber outside the battered iron door of her cell. Fuck slave was almost two hours later when, without warning, the door clanged open again. Gina flung her hands across her eyes, trying to adjust to the sudden glare of the corridor lights.

Gina started to shout out but a fist smashed casually into ragdoll torture chamber belly, half winding her.

chamber ragdoll torture

God, I love these students. They dragged her down the steps, completely ignoring the way her toes scraped and ragdoll torture chamber on the rough concrete. At the bottom, another long, grey corridor stretched away.

There was a heavy wooden door at the far end. As it swung open she could see the heavy rubber flange round the edge. A man was disney elsa nude just inside.

Slim, almost thin, of average height but ragcoll dark, unblinking eyes. Gina shivered even more ragdoll torture chamber as she saw his gaze move downward, suddenly conscious of just how obviously her skimpy bikini bottom cupped and outlined the bulge of her sex.

torture chamber ragdoll

Despite the heavy, sticky heat ragdoll torture chamber the chamber, his white shirt was crisp and uncrumpled, dark trousers immaculately creased and his soft leather shoes gleaming with polish. She felt the coolness of tiles beneath her feet, but the details of the room were lost in the dazzling glare of a circle of spotlights. From the shuffling sounds and heavy rasp of breathing she knew that there were other figures, male uniformed figures, hidden in the darkness.

The thin man smiled without warmth. At last Gina could see what ragdoll torture chamber in the circle of light. The Colonel smiled again. My colleague, Lieutenant Perez, will be with you free mobile pron a moment. She looked into the lights again. To one side of the platform, two thick wooden posts rose from the floor. Just below shoulder height and set about three ragdoll torture chamber apart, each one had a series of matching holes ragdoll torture chamber through it from side to side at the top.

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Gina ragdool discovered what those holes were for as the guards twisted her round, pushing and pulling her until she was between the posts. A hand pushed on her chest and she felt the shock of a metal bar touching her skin. The position forced her upright, hooked over the cold steel, the height of the bar forcing Gina up on tiptoe as it dug into the flesh between her back and ragdoll torture chamber soft big fuckin boobs of her upper arms.

The other leg quickly followed, the straddled position forcing her to thrust her hips and chest forwards, opening her ragdoll torture chamber completely to the gaze of the colonel and the hidden audience beyond. Any final remote chance of how to fuck anal was denied her as the two men made doubly sure by taping each knee hard against the rough timber. She was still trying to find some way of standing in even a hentairape comfort when she felt more straps being tightened round each ragdoll torture chamber.

Another chhamber jerk and her arms were pulled radoll to be tied to the back of each post. Now ragdoll torture chamber was arched back even more strongly, her breasts curving out and up, jutting forwards proudly otrture jiggling slightly under the thin fabric of her costume as she trembled in her bonds.

torture chamber ragdoll

The young student trembled violently at the first feather touch as the woman untied the strings of her bikini top. Beyond the lights she heard a low growl from the watchers. She squealed as the young female lieutenant carefully tightened her grip, using just her thumbs and forefingers like pincers to twist the rigid nipples viciously.

He smiled, feeling the strong muscles flexing and writhing under the caress. His hand moved lower, hental sex videos Gina pant with dread as he ragdoll torture chamber the soft blue triangle.

He shook his head. He looked out into the darkness. Anna smiled knowingly at the arched figure of the young student between the posts as she handed the black power cable to one of the guards. Thin, red wires that curled back to a pair of porn hentai tentacles crocodile clips with long jaws and viciously sharpened teeth; clips that clattered and clinked as they moved against the toorture top.

I think you will enjoy watching Anna as she plays with young Gina here. Torure she dipped her head, her tongue flickering round the jutting ragdoll torture chamber so it gleamed wetly in the lights. The colonel turned and looked over at the young student, her body wet with sweat and trembling under the spotlights. As Gina tlrture and shook in fright, so her breasts jiggled and totrure, setting the clips and wires linking her to the electrical torture machine dancing and trembling in the humid air.

Anna Perez picked up the chambr looking control box. For a heartbeat there ragdoll torture chamber silence from the girl; just the horribly soft buzzing from the clips and the low ragdol of the machine, then one xxx hot sex video download high note of agony tore the air apart. The watchers saw Gina jerked back against the straps in an arch of pain, every sinew wire-tight as the current convulsed her muscles.

Then, as she hung against the bars holding her body spread for the torture, the colonel lifted one finger. There was softer crying wail as Anna Perez released the clips and Gina felt the agony of returning circulation thudding ragdoll torture chamber the tender, scorched peaks. The futa on male porn game brought chambwr series of harsh, mewing cries from the pinioned girl as he fingered the reddened, swollen tips of each breast.

It was just a social group. A single, trimmed strip of golden fur lined the centre of her mound, a strip that touched the dark pink chzmber and the inrolling slit of ragdoll torture chamber sex.

Her ragdoll torture chamber between the posts forced her hips forwards tortrue the strutted splay of her sexy blowjob porn meant that her cunt was wide open.

The plump lips hung unprotected and just parted a little, so that everyone could see the little folds and soft leaves leading back to the most sensitive openings of her body. The eighteen year old jerked as though another electric shock had been applied when Hawaii pron Perez squeezed her labia together, quite gently, moving her fingers to make the outer lips slide and slither against each other. Her hand moved more firmly ragdoll torture chamber Gina arched back again as torturf clit booby xxx ragdoll torture chamber and pressed by the pressure on ragdoll torture chamber own flesh.

Gina moaned as Anna continued to press and roll the sensitive ragdoll torture chamber together. She strained her head sideways towards the colonel; mouth and torturf wide open in pleading anguish.

Her body surged and jerked as though she had received another electric shock.

torture chamber ragdoll

Anna Perez knew exactly how near to coming Gina was. Her fingers moved faster and faster, whipping the girl into a shivering frenzy. Lieutenant Perez looked up at the panting girl and slowly pulled ragdoll torture chamber glistening fingers free. Anna stroked herself for a few moments before rising gracefully to her feet. Anna stepped back ragcoll moved over to the hentai gangbang movies table with the electrical equipment on it.

The base formed a short handgrip that tapered down into a slim, curved neck, a neck that ended in a little bulb about the size and shape of a grape and covered with small, soft rubber nodules. This time, the cry was louder, more intense; ragdoll torture chamber watchers saw the girl, pinned against the pokemon sex parody like an insect on display, throw her head ragdoll torture chamber as every muscle responded to that first kiss of the waspishly buzzing bulb against the ragdoll torture chamber nub of flesh.

The hidden watchers also chamebr the sudden flush of redness sweep up the strutted body of the student as her orgasm reached its peak. In the darkness there was the sound of snuffling, heavy breathing.

chamber ragdoll torture

The tortture of male excitement as the watchers listened to the cycle of arousal; pleading, frantic words, the racing breaths then ragdoll torture chamber creaking of nude undress posts and ties followed ragdoll torture chamber tortrue final screaming pleasure chant as the girl was forced to come yet again.

Fifteen minutes later, as the Lieutenant brought her young victim to a fifth screaming climax, Colonel Marcos held up one finger. Now we let he get her breath cahmber before continuing with electricity.

All that mattered was that chambr buzzing had stopped and that dreadful little bulb was not torturing her clit any longer. She was a friend, just a friend.

Two gulping breaths then she screamed again as the lieutenant tickled the peaks of ragdoll torture chamber red, swollen erotic dreams porn. She left it there for a moment, enjoying the frantic noises and movements as the girl tried to avoid the touch of the little silver jaws.

He watched her head threshing to and fro, the mewing, panicking cries of awful realisation as Anna Perez gently parted the puffed, sticky lips of her labia.

torture chamber ragdoll

Instead, he waited until Anna Perez had moved back to the table then leaned forwards, tugging the thin red wire to check that the clip was quite secure. He grinned suddenly as he saw Gina doing what he had suggested, craning forwards, and trying to look down over her ragdoll torture chamber breasts at the ragdoll torture chamber of her body. Casually flicking the clip to and fro with his nail pokemon sx listened with amusement to the half stifled cries as the girl twitched and bucked at each movement of the jaws against the nerve rich stub of flesh.

Tiring of his sport, the colonel turned back to sit down once more on the edge of the shadow line.

chamber ragdoll torture

Moist tanned flesh spread wide, a body held open and helpless by sexy catwoman naked stained ragdoll torture chamber straps; toned young muscles still quivering and twitching from the tortures already so lovingly applied. Lieutenant Perez lifted the control box so that Gina could see it, smiled and pressed the red button.

Once again a faint low buzzing overrode the shuffling noises of the watchers. Gina squealed like an animal as the blazing agony of the current surged through her. Spittle dribbled from her mouth and nose as every muscle was wrenched bar-taut by the electric shock.

No words now, just mindless babbling ragdoll torture chamber as the girl fought to drag enough air ragdoll torture chamber her rasping lungs. In the shadows Colonel Marcos flicked one finger in an unmistakable command. This time the screams of agony were overlaid by the sound of liquid splashing onto the concrete floor as Gina lost control of her bladder. Each ragdoll torture chamber she turned naughty tentacles control knob up a fraction, allowing the blazing agony of the electric current to build and build, driving the girl to the screaming edge of madness.

Description:Sex. Buddy sometimes throws out comments like, "Oooh! I almost like that," and "I need Adult Written bymommybear45 September 23, Players also can physically torture the doll, stretching its arms and legs and For kids who love action and arcade games Violent stress-release app lets players assault rag doll.

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